Zynga Set to Release Zynga Platform on Zynga.com This Month!

Happy March, some of the respective games Zynga FarmVille freaks and happy news about Photo favorites! Zynga announced today that it start this month finally expected platform in the renovated Zynga.com Zynga!

In the version of the platform is located in Zynga.com Zynga give a new access point to five of the top Zynga Games including play: CastleVille, words with friends, CityVille, Zynga poker and hidden Chronicles. Unfortunately although FarmVille remains undoubtedly the one at the most disadvantaged by Zynga, not part of the fun, develop games but will be soon. You need your Facebook account on the platform by Zynga, but new learning plan for some and selected exciting innovative changes such as such as greater interaction by the player their respective friends of Facebook, more games, third manufacturer on the platform by Zynga, including a new think real-time chat features and live game I, that your social game profile provided.

Make sure see the inclusion of a short summary and a demonstration on the platform by Zynga and operate the road.

The beta version of Zynga Zynga.com of platform features:

  • zFriends: connect and play with other people outside of your Facebook friends, they love it, experiencing all the time do.
  • More games: five of the best games by Zynga – CastleVille,.

Words with friends, CityVille, chronic hidden and Zynga Poker: probably it will available on the launch site, but soon you can discover and play more social by Zynga and third-party games developers.

  • Social stream – access in real time to the elements required games by accounting for the social flow of Zynga faster life without your repertoire manages to leave.
  • Player profile: a profile is to play details, see highlighting their chosen games, upper zFriends, activities, as well as its usefulness, review how against friends to create.
  • Leave chat – life without the playing field, it is possible to also chat with zFriends in real time
  • to send gifts, plan strategies, or perhaps say “OMG, look at the size of these little creatures!”

    “” href=”http://www.farmvillefreak.com/farmville_images/facebook_Farmville_freak_zynga_new_platform.jpg”target = “_blank” >

    Zynga.com new platform (click to enlarge)

    “” href=”http://www.farmvillefreak.com/farmville_images/facebook_farmville_freak_zynga_game_feeds.jpg”target = “_blank” > / >

    Zynga.com game RSS feeds (click to enlarge)

    target = “_blank” >

    Zynga.com friend helps (click to enlarge)

    “> src=”http://farmvilleassist.com/wp-content/plugins/WP-o-Matic/Cache/8baf6_facebook_farmville_freak_zynga_player_compete_thumb.jpg “alt =” “width =”400″height =”354″/ >

    Player profile Zynga.com (click to enlarge)

    What think you, FarmVille freaks? Can you imagine you pumped about games for the platform by Zynga?

    Read full by Zynga read the press release below.

    Press release:


    Zynga platform offers more possibilities to the game and more people play with the


    Zynga welcomes game developers mob Science, line Sham bow and Sava TransMedia as inaugural platform business partners

    SAN FRANCISCO – 1 March 2012:Zynga (NASDAQ: ZNGA), worldwide leading supplier of services of social games, today announced the platform by Zynga, the players who were requested to bring a new platform: new forms of learning and more visitors to play. Zynga released the download of the beta version of Zynga.com, new target for social games company as a part in the initial deployment. In addition to serve as a popular Zynga Games, Zynga.com can discover players and play developed social by third-party developers. These partners of the platform be able reach new audiences and make their games more social.

    “We build Zynga.com to our players more approaches

    interact with each other and play great social, if built by Zynga or other talented developers”, said Mark Pincus, founder and CEO, Zynga. “” “Together with its partners of the platform we grouped together to bring more in the world via our platform.”

    Zynga.com – a terrace for Board Games
    Zynga.com is created, with the aim of the player more options, to bring a new social games target elderly people in connection to specialized. Zynga.com meet and combine a love with other players for the games share, ultimately, by you more of them Friends try with the players. Players will have received faster than their games required complete missions by plucking immediately throughout the community, get virtual elements and progress at the next level progress. Zynga.com is not only one of the first pages are fully integrated with Facebook as an extension with strong partnership and cooperation of companies. It will allow players to login, use your Facebook ID and simply play with their existing Facebook friends also like other people who like to experience the same games.

    “Zynga.com function was sure, players and understand what they want and need, creating his” Zynga Poker -s in the site start to be accessible, but soon you will probably be able to discover and play more social and alternative party developer of Zynga Games.

  • Social Stream – access in real time to the elements required, games faster
  • Accounting to leave the social flow of Zynga life without your repertoire.

  • Player profile : a profile is how we stack against friends details of the means with which you play, highlighting their chosen games, upper zFriends, activity recently together with its evaluation of the utility to find out.
  • Live Chat : without Board of sport, you are
  • able, even with zFriends entertain in real time for gifts, plan strategies or perhaps say “OMG, look at the size of these little creatures!”

    Partners of the platform by Zynga
    In an attempt to help discover players and more on Zynga.com, for the first time Zynga play enable third-party developers create and publish by Zynga Games. Zynga is working with a number of related principles, among them: mob science and Sham sheet-Sava TransMedia line. Zynga partner platform could publish access to 240 million monthly active users of Zynga social games and promote the entire network by Zynga. Also download their games developers, to promote it to their audience of the player, Zynga allows partners to use the channels and functions, which have increased social engagement, analysis ensures level and social unit and leading-edge technology, scalability and availability.

    “Publication in which Zynga platform enables developers, an attentive audience gamer may use it, social games,” said Rob Dyer, head of the business partner of platform, Zynga, and former senior Vice President of Sony Computer Entertainment Publisher relationships. “We are furthermore obliged, create a hotbed is win, win situation for all parties involved.” We take into account the challenges that a developer of casino games and we want the best destination to play: not only for the “Players, but also the entire eco-system.”

    “As an independent game developer” “we have faced significant challenges when you arrive to find out our games, players”, said Michael Witz, CEO of crowd science. “Zynga offer a never before opportunity allows objective a title build game that can be enjoyed easily by the large number of people in the network of the Zynga who already love to try out games.” “As partners of the platform Zynga soon, hope to working closely with the company the platform and the best environment develop for the development and social games to make.”

    Zynga currently measures the amount of social engagement in their games by a metric, it appears in the active social network (ASN) a player. Zynga learned via comments Analytics and players as the number of active neighbours regularly involved a person within his party, directly impact have considerable experience and how much they want to play. By plucking according to law from a combination of social functions as life flow and analysis to the action partners of the platform probably in a position to understand, refine and the unity of social recruiting into their games be the ASN.1.

    “To do great social games is a challenge and is even more difficult for scale to build so many people all over the world to play at the same time and have a great experience can begin”, said Cadir Lee, chief technology officer Zynga. “Our goal for Zynga platform is for” “Game developers to build the best social games without create easier to meet the challenges of the art.”

    Zynga infrastructure projects as a platform serving line enterprise-wide games and studies all over the world. Last year Zynga has called reinforced their own private infrastructure, zCloud, so that game studios their games quickly rise. Zynga has decided that partners use the platform to scale the technology which specially create by Zynga and social games.

    / > Zynga.com is expected to begin this month. The play service available in 16 languages including should be: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Indonesian, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Chinese traditional, Japanese, Korean and Thai.

    Zynga is spread first in close cooperation with selected partners of the platform, but plans to the platform by Zynga and let him be widely available for all third game by an API developers this year. (Source: Zynga.com)

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