Zynga Confirms New 125 Facebook News Feed Limit for FarmVille

FarmVille FaceBook Notice Error

As we posted earlier today, there is a new limitation of 125 items collected per Facebook news feed per day per person and Zynga has confirmed this limitation via the official FarmVille Forum.

In her message on the forum, Lexilicious reminds us that using any apps created to automatically retrieve news feed items is in direct violation of Zynga’s Terms of Service.

We also learn a few more details about the new limitation:

  • 125 limit will be reset at 9 PM (Pacific Standard Time) each day.
  • Posts between two neighbors (wall to wall posts) do not count towards this limit.
  • Barn Raising Help Requests do not count toward this limit.
  • Fuel posts do not count toward this limit.

If you would like to leave feedback to Zynga concerning the 125 limitation, you can do so by visiting the link below.

FarmVille Feedback Thread for 125 Limitation

We also encourage you to discuss it here on FarmVille Freak at this post or previous one.

From FarmVille Community Manager, Lexilicious:

“FarmVille is, at its heart, a social game – a game that is fun because you can play it with your friends and family. We’ve heard from all of you that one of the most fun parts of the game is the ability to share cool items and rewards with your neighbors. Sharing that rare foal from your stable with friends, or sharing holiday gifts with your neighbors – these are the things that really show how important the social side of farming is to everyone.

We also know how exciting it is to see that someone you know has posted an animal or decoration you want for your farm, and how it can be a letdown if you don’t get that item. Especially if you never seem to get the items you want because they are gone in seconds.

Over the past year, a number of computer programs have been written that will automatically claim everything posted to the feeds. The result is that, while one person can get a massive number of rewards, everyone else is left out with almost no chance to get anything. We receive regular feedback from players who feel as if it’s not even worth trying to collect items and animals from their feed any more. Not only is this a bad experience for our players, but the use of these programs is a violation of the FarmVille Terms of Service.

To improve this experience for our players, we are implementing two changes today:
Each player will have a maximum number of items that they can collect from a feed in a single day.
Any player seen collecting a high number of feed items per second will also be subject to a throttle that will limit the speed they can collect items for the remainder of the day.
The vast majority of players will never hit either of these thresholds. Players who use programs to automate feed collection will quickly find that they are either dramatically slowed down or are stopped at their limit, and they will be unable to grab everything that is posted for the rest of that day.

Currently, our daily maximum is set to 125 feed items collected per day. This limit was selected after looking at feed item collection behavior in our game, and is meant to limit only the most extreme feed collectors – most of whom are using these automated programs. As mentioned, the vast majority of our players will never hit this limit. This limit will reset daily at 9:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. Wall to wall posts between two neighbors, barn raising help requests, and fuel posts do not count toward the 125 items limit.

Our goal is to make sure that both of these limits are restrictive enough to prevent automation software from creating bad experiences, but also high enough that most people playing the game are unaffected. We will be monitoring the results as we roll this out in the coming days, and may tune the limits over time. We invite and encourage you to provide your feedback in the FarmVille forums.

We would like to thank all our players for the time they spend playing our game with their friends and family, and we look forward to working with you to continually improve the experience.

If you have any feedback you would like to share with the FarmVille Team regarding the new collection limit, please post in the following thread:


(Source: Official FarmVille Forum)

Thoughts, FarmVille Freaks?

5 thoughts on “Zynga Confirms New 125 Facebook News Feed Limit for FarmVille

  1. It is very easy to hit this limit if you collect water and building parts. This is very frustrating. It would be nice if you could just eliminate snag bars so those of us who don’t use them aren’t penalized too.

  2. I get this message when attemping to collect bushles

    Slow down there Farmer, you’re trying to claim rewards from your friends too quickly! You can try claiming another of this reward type in an hour or less.

    I did not even hit my 125 limit so why do I get this message. I think this is ridicuously

  3. I play the games on Facebook a lot!! I do not use a computer program to “grab” items. I fairly and squarely get the items I collect. I have reached my limit in a day. I like to water trees and it takes a lot of water to grow those trees. I don’t like the idea of imposing limits. Why can’t you just leave us to our games? What I don’t like is the fact that you charge REAL MONEY to get the trees, horses, and other really cute and collectible items. Don’t your advertisers give you enough money? Evidently not or perhaps you’re just greedy. I don’t know which.

  4. I play the game co-operating with friends to swap bushels needed for recipes and the items we share we lock to appear in their news feed only. They may share 10 bushels with me alone, but now when I collect them I am stopped from collecting for the remainder of the day. This happens not after 125 items as you state – it has happened after 40 approx. It has completely spoiled my game. I may play early in the morning one day and within 10 minutes my game is over for the day – I cannot even collect these items that are meant for me the next day as I would have to get up earlier to beat their expiry time. I am not using a cheat…just co-operating with friends. Disappointed!!!

  5. Personally I feel that items like watering cans and seasonal items such as flowers or gold bars shouldn’t be counted in this limit. It doesn’t take long to reach 125 of these items when you have a lot of friends and family playing and posting.

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