Zynga’s RewardVille Information about zCoins, zPoints & zLevels

Farmville RewardVille

G'day avid fellow farmers, many of you have heard back from the company Zynga, RewardVille! Some of you may start accumulating ZPoint access now. Others have to wait a little longer for this new feature released for everyone.

Each game is very popular Zynga eligible. Since our focus is Farmville, you will notice these spots are picked, how to perform specific business tasks. How do you get points, you level up and get zCoins, which are then marketed for special prizes of the games.

The limits are set at 80 ZPoint per day per game, with a maximum of 300 ZPoint per day. In other words, just the games you want to pick your spots to play!

Reached maximum RewardVille ZPoint

The best part about this feature is automatic! You do not have a thing that you have received your points. To redeem zCoins need to set up an account Zynga if not already have one.

The system is still subject RewardVille Zynga terms of use. Zynga visit site for more information on ZPoint.

We will be more news about this new exciting feature Zynga soon! Back to regularly review and, as always, you should discuss this with your friends and neighbors to share Farmville!

Source: http://zynga.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3273

If you look happy cloud more chances to win the special edition for free?

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One thought on “Zynga’s RewardVille Information about zCoins, zPoints & zLevels

  1. How can I cancel out of Rewardville? I do NOT want to play because since I installed it my game play has slowed down tremendously. Please tell me how to delete this program otherwise I will be discontinuing all game play if I can’t get rid of it!
    Thank you, Jini

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