Zynga’s Newest Game “Empires & Allies” Launches!!

Zynga has launched its latest game of empires and the allies of today! Many Freaks Farmville (VIP player Zynga) received an e-mail (see photos below) and invited to play in the Zynga game again.

Powers and the Allies is a game of power ville city driven like. But for the first time in a game that can Zynga players against players with the animation of how to defend themselves with or against your enemies, fight fight Dark Alliance.


"Their mission: to rebuild an empire for around villains of The Dark Alliance. Fight with or against friends, empires and allies is the first game include animated Zynga against players
Player battles! We love to bring games like ville City, Farmville, and Mafia Wars. As we embark on our new adventure, we wish you good luck and have fun. "

Will you dare to battle over land in your yard Zynga empires and allies?

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