So what happened to FarmVille? Zynga explains.

Farmville sad cow

In recent days, Farmville has been quite problematic. Some farmers have no access to their beautiful farm. Others have not been able to raise sheep. Good news, have resolved some of these problems and experiences of most blocks of peasant farmers should now be able to visit their shops again. Meanwhile, Puppy have been disabled, and hunger Withering until everything is completely dissolved.

What about Farmville? In a statement published on the official blog created Farmville Farmville Zynga questions and explained what happened. It turns out that the purpose of breeding sheep may have caused one of the problems. See below for details.

Farmville official blog:

"Here is some information about players Farmville, playing essentially lock-outs for all purposes:

# 1 blockade started around Wednesday night after an upgrade, and more than likely that includes an attempt to generate from two sheep (sheep red and blue points and the birthdays of sheep apparently guilty at this point). There is nothing "illegal" or similar sheep (as far as we can tell) to do.

While we try to identify this problem, close # 2 occurred early Thursday. This was something that went far beyond our control, and was enough to be decided during the first lock-out influence on the afternoon of Thursday, the impact of causing even Zynga at this time. should be the one that was closed due to # 2 to get it back (although apparently because the block look the same to you, you have no idea if it was hit # 1, # 2 or both).

We've solved # 1 (we think), but because the echo of # 2 are still affect us, we have not been able to publish and resolve all concerned. We expect this in a short time, but things can change (unfortunately, as you have seen already).

Meanwhile fade and hungry cubs will remain off until cleared. We are very determined, always in every farm ville as soon as possible and we appreciate all the patience in this matter. Thank you all and hope to see you soon back to their farms! "(Source blog Farmville )

Have you had problems with Farmville lately? What is happening to you?

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