Play Zynga’s Bubble Safari and Get Free FarmVille Unwithers!

FarmVille & bubble offers cross Safari

Safari in one of actions of the Zynga fresh intersection between new game bubble and FarmVille, is likely to win free FarmVille Unwithers!

Here’s how it works, see the poster in the usual game advertising this action in his own farm in FarmVille. It is also an opportunity to receive an invitation to a game FarmVille new learning. If you are called in one click for bubble Safari. Only one against another to treat and once to play, you earn 1 Unwither a free FarmVille. You’re able to win three additional Unwithers if it should reach Unwither region 4 region 2 and six.

Promotion of FarmVille & bubble Safari:

  • 1 Unwither FarmVille – play bubble-Safari
  • FarmVille Unwither 3: achieve the region

2 Bubble-safari

  • 6 FarmVille Unwither – arrival in region 4 bubble Safari
  • Plays bubble, the Zynga Safari not FarmVille Unwithers cost?

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