FarmVille Limited Edition GagaVille Crafting Recipes: Rose Flame Candle, Shiny Daisy Cake, Crystalmist Wine & Spark Rose Mead

Rose candle flame Farmville

Farmville bright Daisy Cake

Farmville spark Rose Mead

Farmville fog Wine Glass

Farmville is undoubtedly tonight Gaga! Not only have we seen some amazing versions of trees, decorations, animals and plants, but accompany it, also 4 Limited Edition production recipes.

Besides being only for a limited time available, these new recipes are well-read teacher. You must sign up for these recipes at level 25 for a 5-star championship everyone receives them.

These four recipes are in the nave of the family for the next 61 days.

Farmville Limited Edition Spa Recipe: Rose candle flame

  • Ingredients: 2 electric bushels Roses, 3 and 2 bushel gourd bushel Iris

Farmville Limited Edition Rose recipe candle flame

    Farmville Limited Edition Food Recipe: Bright Daisy Cake

    • Ingredients: 2 Chrome Margaritas bushels, 3 bushels of wheat and two bushels of pepper

    Farmville brilliant Limited Edition Daisy Cake Recipe

      Recipe Farmville Limited Edition Winery: Wine glass fog

      • Ingredients: 2 acres of glass, 3 tons of cane sugar and 2 bushel white grape

      Farmville Limited Edition Crystal Mist wine recipe

        Limited Edition release Farmville Recipe: Spark Rose Mead

        • Ingredients: 3 bushels Electric Rose, hops 2 and 2 bushel bushel Pink Asters

        Limited edition of Farmville spark Rose Mead Recipe

          What do you think of these new recipes? If you speak?

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          FarmVille Welcome to GagaVille Quest I

          Joel Farmville Freak

          Farmville Gaga Lady Gaga began promoting ville tonight in an epic! There are tons of new Lady Gaga slogan to buy things for you in the ville agricultural market, the crop plants, recipes for crafts, and even complete missions!

          To listen to Lady Gaga exclusive preview of his unpublished "Marry The Gentleman" album Born This track road, you must complete the first gaga search ville! En ville gaga Quest 1: "Welcome to ville gaga" completing three simple tasks and are well rewarded for their hard work.


          • 1. Visit gaga ville
          • 2. 6 plow plots (at the farm)
          • 3. Plant 6 crystals (LE crops gaga ville). Farm seeds costs 50 coins per plot.

          Joel Farmville Freak

          After completing these tasks, you will be rewarded with some exclusive special ville gaga just spoil the additional benefit of being an incredible Freak Farmville, of course!


          • Preview of Lady Gaga's song "Marry The Night."
          • release (1) VIP ticket to help you get the full album will be in!
          • (1) Farmville Fire decoration source.
          • 2,500 coins Farm

          Farmville completed Joelle Welcome ville gaga Freak

          What do you think of gaga ville Quest 1?

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          FarmVille GagaVille Free Giftables: Black Roses Bed, Neon Pink Fence, Chrome Hay Bale, Purple Valentine Cow, Pink Heart Hay, Purple Hay Bale, & Pink Greenery

          Farmville Roses Black House

          Near Farmville neon

          Farmville Haybales Chrome

          Farmville Valentine's Purple Cow

          Farmville is currently undergoing a takeover of Lady Gaga, and almost everything that happens in Farmville is now gaga Gaga ville!

          Gifts Farmville costs page has not been updated for a while also has a new face in the style of Lady Gaga and tons of new limited edition variables are now free gift for you to send and receive with your neighbors Farmville available. The new gift variables include: Black Roses House, neon pink fence, hay bale Chrome, Purple Cow Valentine Pink Heart There, Hay Bale purple, pink and green.

          These include variables gift of brand new concepts never seen before, along with some recent cloud released. Of note is the Valentine's gift and never was a cow by completing a Valentine's event. The only way is to get these gifts through the gift page, you can not find these terms are so confident in the market for Farmville, some of his friends to send Agriculture and some are asking themselves. Happy to ship!

          Farmville Limited Edition Gift gaga ville Ables

          • Farmville Roses Black House (New)
          • Near Farmville neon pink (New)
          • Chrome Farmville There Bale (New)
          • Farmville Valentine's Purple Cow (animals)
          • There Farmville Pink Heart (Re-Release)
          • Farmville Bale are purple (Re-Release)
          • Farmville Rosa Verde (Re-Release)

          What do you think of this free gift and new variables? Will you send and hope for some to get it?

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          FarmVille Limited Edition GagaVille Crops: Chrome Daises, Electric Roses & Crystals

          Margaritas Farmville Chrome

          Farmville Electric Roses

          Farmville crystals

          Gaga Farmville invasion is widespread, and our plants are not safe from Neon Lady G and crystals. And it's a good thing because I'm electric Rose! The three new Limited Edition Chrome gaga ville crops include daisies, pink electric (* drools) and crystals. Each teacher is able to grow crops and can be used on their own farm or ranch English at home.

          Farmville ville Crops Limited Edition gaga (Date: May 16, 2011)

          • Chrome Daisies
          • Electric Roses
          • Crystals

          Margaritas Farmville Chrome

          Farmville Electric Roses

          Farmville crystals

          All these plants are championship and character is obtained when adding domain. Are you a good period of time of 55 days, long time to master. See below for statistics on each culture.

          Limited Edition Chrome Daisies information Farmville

          • Buy: 30 coins on the farm
          • Sold by: 70 coins on the Farm
          • Ready in: 8 hours
          • XP Earned: 1

          Farmville Electric Information Limited Edition Roses

          • Buy: 40 coins on the farm
          • Sold by: 100 coins on the farm
          • Ready in: 12 hours
          • XP earned: 2

          Information Farmville limited edition glass

          • Buy: 50 coins on the farm
          • Sold by: 200 coins on the farm
          • Ready in: 1 day
          • XP Earned: 3

          Will you grow any of these cultures ville gaga on your farm?

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          FarmVille Welcomes Lady Gaga with GagaVille Farm!

          Visit Farmville gaga ville

          Farmville welcomed and their motto Lady Gaga gaga ville farm tonight! Zynga is all for Gaga, and also released a new limited edition gaga ville tonight inspired theme, the new Lady Gaga animals, including decorations, trees and avatar clothes. Do not worry, Lady Gaga, even things coming soon.

          Lady Gaga Farmville experience and Privacy Policy

          You can go gaga visit ville at the end of the menu bar in the neighboring game and click on the symbol gaga villa. In the village visit gaga first time with a free Daisy Chrome bed (bed) Decorations are rewarded.

          Gaga ville farm is much more complicated then for advertising farms, we have seen in Farmville. We think it is, by far the best advertising patio, so far. Visit for yourself to make their own decisions, but we love them anyway! Good job Zynga + Lady Gaga.

          Farmville ville gaga (click to enlarge)

          How about the slogan gaga farm ville? Han Gaga Lady style single record with this inspiring Farmville Farmville Farm Gaga?

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          FarmVille 05.15.2011 Mystery Game & Prizes

          FarmVille 5.15.2011 Mystery Game

          Tonight’s Mystery Game has been updated with brand new purple themed prizes!

          You will not find these Mystery Game prizes anywhere else in FarmVille. The only way to win them is by playing the Mystery Game. This current Mystery Game costs 16 Farm Cash per dart. As always, you should play the Mystery Game at your own risk as you are never guaranteed to win any one specific or all the prizes featured in the Mystery Game.

          FarmVille 5.15.2011 Mystery Game

          This Mystery Game will be available for only one week and will expire next Sunday when it is replaced with a new game.

          FarmVille Mystery Game (Released: May 15, 2011)

          The following are confirmed prizes for this Mystery Game:

          • FarmVille Purple Stallion* – Rare
          • FarmVille Purple Mane Pony (Re-release) – Rare
          • FarmVille Purple Frog (Re-release) – Uncommon
          • FarmVille Purple Martinis (decorative animal*) – Uncommon
          • FarmVille Violet Fountain -Common
          • FarmVille Lavender Garden – Common

          *Note: The Purple Stallion can be placed into your Horse Stable to be used for breeding and may also produce a Purple Stallion Foal from breeding that you cannot purchase elsewhere. The Purple Martinis are decorative birds that are not harvestable so they do not yield Farm Coins, but they can be placed into storage.

          FarmVille Freak Joelle's 05.15.2011 Mystery Game Board

          FarmVille Purple Stallion

          FarmVille Purple Mane Pony

          FarmVille Purple Martinis

          FarmVille Purple Frog

          FarmVille Lavender Garden

          FarmVille Violet Fountain

          FarmVille MG Bonus: Purple Stallion Foal

          What prize did you receive in this Mystery Game? Which prize is your favorite? Send pics of your prizes to to be featured on FarmVille Freak.

          FarmVille Freak Joelle's Mystery Game Prizes

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          FarmVille “Download Code” with Lady Gaga Zynga Game Card

          Farmville gaga ville

          In addition to the free Unicorn players receive when they buy a game card Zynga, a new award given to the list of goodies to celebrate farmers gaga ville promotion can be added.

          Starting tomorrow, buying Zynga card game, players have a code for the songs of Lady Gaga's latest album "Born This Way" to receive the download. This code is not just buying the songs from that album, but also the players with two exclusive tracks when the album is officially released.

          The announcement of the Farmville Facebook page says:

          Starting tomorrow, $ a 25 Zynga game card from your local Best Buy or online (U.S. only) and also get a code to download Lady Gaga album born that way, including 2 exclusive tracks from 5.23, when stored Hits! Did we mention the zyngaga #

          At this point the support in the U.S. is limited.

          Zynga Game Card Fan Page Ad

          What do you think of this promotion next? Are you excited to offer to see everything is gaga ville?

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          FarmVille Limited Edition Scotland Trees: Scots Pine Tree & Red Pine Tree

          Farmville Scots Pine

          Farmville red pine

          Update In an unusual Saturday afternoon, we see the launch of two new trees as part of Scotland thematic Farmville.

          Scots pine tree is a tree of level 1, which will have the opportunity to produce seedlings collected Mystery against the orchards. This mystery seedlings grow then to Level 2, Red pine trees.

          As usual, both have trees available domain tree and receive a Master of characters received. To read the Championship needs and opportunities for all levels, see below.

          These trees are in the market Farmville available for the next 13 days (until May 28, 2011).

          Theme trees Farmville Scotland Limited Edition (Published: 14 May 2011)

          • Farmville Scots Pine – Farm Cash 5
          • Farmville Red Pine Tree – Farm cash 10

          Farmville Scots Pine

          Farmville red pine

          Rowan Tree Master Farmville requirements and awards

          • Domain Level 1: 75 crops / Awards: 25 XP and 500 coins farm
          • Domain Level 2: 150 crops / Awards: 75 XP and 1500 coins on the farm
          • Domain Level 3: 225 crops / Reward: 250 XP and 5000 coins on the farm

          Master Farmville ash requirements and rewards

          • Domain Level 1: 75 crops / Awards: 25 XP and 500 coins farm
          • Domain Level 2: 150 crops / Awards: 75 XP and 1500 coins on the farm
          • Domain Level 3: 225 crops / Reward: 250 XP and 5000 coins on the farm

          Domain Name Farmville Scots pine trees

          Red pine tree Farmville Master Session

          What do you think of these two trees just released? If you are buying one for your operation?

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          FarmVille Free Unicorn with Lady Gaga Zynga Game Card

          Farmville gaga ville

          Lady Gaga has come to Farmville as Zynga and preparing the final touches on his own gaga ville, there are several events going on with this promotion as the new Lady Gaga mega theme Zynga Game Cards.

          Facebook Zynga announced that Best Buy released soon Lady Gaga Zynga Game Cards motto not only a free download Lady Gaga is Born, but it is an exclusive Farmville Einhorn's free! They also have the chance to win a day "On the set with Gaga" on the ground at its meeting next video.

          Lady Gaga The Unicorn, as a teaser we saw a few days can use the new Zynga Game Cards. We will notify you of any upcoming gaga ville

          Unicorn Farmville Gaga

          "Two days, may purchase up Zynga Game Cards at Best Buy. A $ 25 card includes a free download of Lady Gaga" Born This Way "to 5 / 23! You also get an exclusive Unicorn and the opportunity Farmville make a winning day "on set with Gaga" in his next music video shoot. "

          If you are buying a Lady Gaga Zynga game card for free benefits, like unicorns?

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          FarmVille Adds Instant Grow Option

          Growing instant Farmville

          Many fans of freak Farmville Farmville as Shannon, Farmville CabbagePatchKid Freak and many more have noticed that has Farmville immediate opportunity to apply directly recorded growth in their plants.

          Instant Grow has the ability to grow their plants or trees from 0% to 100% ready ready for harvest in a single click. For the first time, this gives you the option to purchase instant to grow perennial crops, trees. However, this is instant gratification farm cash costs to not too excited!

          Farmville instant Apply Grow

          see if they plant a field or a tree that is not yet ready for harvesting, mouseover a small pop-up stating "Growing up you click the instant they are." After clicking on all the action, you will see another pop-up bubble that says "Apply instantly grow." This triggers another pop-up menu, choose what you want to apply instant grow, will be the choice of crops or trees (or both). At this point, you can always cancel immediate purchase grow cash farm expenditure does. Because it is a confirmation pop-up windows after you follow, there is no need to worry about instant purchase accident is growing because placement in your face, while the agricultural sector.

          Instant Cost Growth

          * Note varied Instant cost growth. The cost is relevant, the degree of preparation of your plants or trees. For example, if your plants are at 0%, then it will cost more than 50% willing to accept.

          • Example: instant Crops Grow – 3 Cash Farm
          • Example: instant Growing Tree – 7 Cash Farm

          What do you think of this new instant update most? If you buy one for your company?

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