Official FarmVille Freak Zynga RewardVille Guide

Farmville introduction RewardVille

Not long ago, Farmville Freak says next RewardVille Zynga. You can access this site by clicking here . RewardVille Zynga is a special rewards program that rewards players with ZPoint to play. Now, finally living RewardVille and the players! Note that wheel slowly so that not all farmers have access only.

Zynga games are participating in the program RewardVille:

  • Farmville
  • World Cafe
  • ville city
  • Frontera ville
  • Mafia Wars
  • PetVille
  • Treasure Island
  • YoVille
  • Vampire Wars
  • Zynga poker

Earn points and redeem awards RewardVille

The way it works as a rewards program that earns ZPoint to play your favorite games Zynga ZPoint accumulate and traded zCoins. ZPoint automatically earn Zynga gaming. However, you must sign in with your zCoins ZPoint RewardVille transferred.

  • Earn up to 80 per ZPoint game day.
  • Earn up to a maximum of 300 cumulative ZPoint Zynga games all day.
  • ZPoint win and win increases zLevel zCoins.

You can make your zCoins and replace them with a special price exclusively Farmville RewardVille as main portal.

For a spoiler for all operating current prices RewardVille ville on the link below to freak Farmville.

Link: Freak Farmville Farmville RewardVille Redeemable prices

These exclusive rates are not available in the market of Farmville. Note that recognizes some of the awards last Farmville limited edition labels. Here is a great opportunity to get this tag for free if you have missed the first time.

Porch House RewardVille Farmville

After redeeming a prize RewardVille, update their farm in Farmington and check the inventory of their redemption price.

Privacy RewardVille Zynga

After signing up for Zynga RewardVille zCoins automatically earn some free as a thank you bonus.

Thank you for participating RewardVille

If you help along Zynga, you can use a special award given by the following steps:

  1. Register RewardVille
  2. "Like" RewardVille on Facebook
  3. RewardVille Bookmark page
  4. Recruit friends for help

Farmville Help With RewardVille Zynga

What do you think about RewardVille? Will you participate Zynga RewardVille Farmville?

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7 thoughts on “Official FarmVille Freak Zynga RewardVille Guide

  1. im am not sure how to get the rewards i cant even get the free building i think maybe i need to sign up again

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