New FarmVille English Countryside Postcard from Lily, Agatha & Professor Milton!

Farmville English Country: New Post

Closure of the events, what we have learned in recent weeks, everyone is always ready to invite the English countryside Farmville!

This last post is like a postcard welcoming Lily, Agatha and Professor Milton! It reads:

Its almost time to look around in the English countryside, where a second farm land with a rich English for all plants and new objects, new development activities and the possibility of breeding sheep price!

Lily, Agatha, Professor Milton.

PS: You need level 20 to country to stay in, so start with English, level up!

It also says that "the gang" has given us an adorable calf English countryside! You can not just keep one for yourself, but you can also share one with your neighbors!

Farmville English calf

English calf Farmville facebook Notice

What do you think of the last postcard English country Farmville? Are you excited to see this new feature Farmville success?

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