Magnificent FarmVille Farm – A Unique Idea

I found this lovely estate in Farmville Farmville roaming on the official forums and thought you'd like to take a look at it as.
I have seen many beautiful farms Farmville decorated with hay bales, fences, etc, but this is a classic country house furnished and unique.

Can you decorate your farm so beautiful? If you want to show master.farmville7 farm here, please send pictures of your

2 thoughts on “Magnificent FarmVille Farm – A Unique Idea

  1. I get this message when trying to get bushels from my friends:

    Slow down there Farmer, you’re trying to claim rewards from your friends too quickly! You can try claiming another of this reward type in an hour or less.

    Is there a limit now? If so I think it is ridiculous and not fair. I didn’t even collect the 125 limit yet I keep getting this message.

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