How to Shift items from Old FV Farm to English Countryside?

I know you like to move to land some of the old ideas of the old farm in their new community in the English language. Personally, I would point out to the country, my pagoda with my neighbors in English, but the question is whether or not cab do?

The simple answer to this question "not yet."
At this point you can not move items from one court to another or you can buy an item in a company and put it in another. The item that you buy in the PV market is one of the farm, where they operate. But their currencies and agricultural cash can be used in both companies.
So please be careful before buying anything for a particular country should be in this court before the sale on the market.
The official announcement says Zynga Forum –

"We want players to be aware of how the market works, if you currently have) more than one farm (for example, his second court-style English country house.
If you buy something on the market that the issue can only stay on the farm where it is today.
In other words, if you buy something on the market in the English country estate, you will not be able to farm, you move into your home. (This also means, in general, everything on a farm can not be moved from another, a).
The exception are the products in your gift box, things in your gift box can be used to grow some types of elements, as things that can be redeemed for gifts, no) and rural used in English. Many items purchased (for the right model at the farm of your gift box to enable agricultural use to anyone, but once a farm on them, they can not grow, others will be transferred to her.
Note also that some terms in the market also is displayed only for use in land-use your English.

Did you have any problems with the Farmville or market conditions change or not?

8 thoughts on “How to Shift items from Old FV Farm to English Countryside?

  1. This was helpful by telling me that i can’t switch items or animals between farms. But, The article was poorly typed and had bad grammar, it was sometimes hard to read.

  2. I do not want the english farm.How do i get to my regular farm?I’m about to throw in the towel with farmville!!!!

  3. Its to the top right of the darmville game. It is very small, but you will see the flag.

  4. i think it would be great if they could use storage sheds and barns as a link to send items from your original farm to your english farm, similar to how you can use items in your giftbox on both farms. although it wouldnt help with transferring every item or animals it would be a great thing to do.

  5. I just found a glitch for transfering from English Country side to your old Farm. I will post the steps on how to do so 4/25/2011 and not any earlier, because I want to take full advantage of this glitch…

    I know once I post this they will fix it, with in a week…

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