FV Turbo Charger Guide: How Turbo Charger Works? Is it Useful?

Hello friends! Farmville has yet to get an additional consumption, such as tree trimming trees to harvest animals and slaves. This new product is called "Turbo Charger" as.

What can a turbo charger do?
A turbocharger can help on the farm of agriculture with a single click. They allow you, a whole field of agricultural land or by clicking on a farm, but if you use a combination vehicle, then use three turbo-chargers – one for each action – plowing, sowing and harvesting.

Where I can find FP turbo?
It is the most common question in Farmville community these days, but unfortunately, the turbocharger is in the Farmville market only. I wonder who turbocharger for x 3 7 in the cash purchase of farm.

You can go to market and find packages turbochargers "helpers Farm" in the "fuel" tab, you can turbo packages for sale: -

Turbo chargers 3 – 7 in farm cash
Turbo Chargers 15 – 28 Farm Cash
Turbo 60 – 65 Farm Cash

If Turbo Chargers appear in my gift box, if I buy it?

After buying the supercharger, which will appear in your gift box. You are in the lower left corner of the screen as soon as you use the vehicle (tractor, planter, combine or merge) should be. They are displayed as bars in the fuel section and shows the number of turbocharger also available.

How to use a turbo?
To use a turbo charger can make what you need or check the bar turbo.

After checking the box, you can place your mouse over the desired property. Turbo Charger automatically selects all application fields on his farm. Point to note is that when using a turbocharger, you will have the right amount of fuel will be deducted for each share. This means that if you use a turbocharger to plow plots 20, you need 20 units of fuel are deducted.

Useful information:

You will be charged multiple turbochargers, while with a combine. A turbocharger is for every action, which means each turbocharger for plowing, planting and harvest is consumed will be charged. Usually 3 Turbo can be used together with the appropriate units of fuel.
Source: Official Forum Farmville

I'm sure this "Using the Turbo charger?" Small guide will be useful. If you have any questions, please comment below.

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