FarmVille Visit England Expansion Notice

Visit Britain sign unpublished Farmville

We have rumors of an invasion is English Farmville and Farmville monsters now soon submit a report to be true, as we begin to see the notes to expand Billboard Farmville England have listened to their farms!

We heard the first podcast of a possible British expansion by referring to the official Farmville.

As reported the Farmville, England's visit will offer farmers, "a new way to play their favorite game." Perhaps another farm in the English countryside?

If you are concerned are not free of billboards in the farm that this can be an eyesore not to paradise, can be eliminated.

England Farmville Extension Notice

What do you think? Are you excited Farmville's visit to England?

Freak Farmville Sign Eva16 of England visit

4 thoughts on “FarmVille Visit England Expansion Notice

  1. I love to play farmville but at present my farmville is not loading so i wanted to play farmville english countryside as soon as possible so pls start it and ley me know if possible bacause i m big fan of farmville.

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