FarmVille Unreleased LE Valentine Day Themed Animals: FarmVille Heart Cow, Heart Calf, Mini Heart Horse, Mini Heart Foal, Hot Pink Duck, Heart Sheep & Rose Ram

In this series of animals unpublished Valentine Farmville Farmville theme freak shows, a look at some very special animals pink heart print, including a cow-calf heart heart Heart Mini Horse, mare Mini Heart, pink duck, heart and sheep A Rose Ram.

Note that labels must ensure unprecedented no official release date or do to Farmville and may change without notice.

Thanks to Dr. Greenthumb search for animals Farmville Freak Valentine.

Farmville unpublished Cow Heart

Farmville unpublished calf heart

Farmville Mini Horse Heart unpublished

Farmville Mini Heart colt unpublished

Farmville unpublished duck

Farmville unpublished sheep heart

Carnero Rose unpublished Farmville

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