FarmVille Unreleased Greenhouse Icons: Greenhouse Notice, Seed Packet Known, Seed Packet Timer, & Seed Packet Unknown

Farmville unpublished greenhouse Notice

Thanks to Freak Farmville HatchetHolic to find these items greenhouse unpublished Farmville!

Remember when Lexilicious mentioned, farmers are searching for the Glass House, which was soon? Seem to have an idea of what to expect, thanks Farmville Freak!

It seems as if the "Hybrid Seeds / Crops" mentioned that the combination of two cultures regularly available. We're not really sure how exactly to operate the greenhouse effect, but it certainly is an interesting feature!

Farmville greenhouse unpublished menu

Farmville known unpublished seed packet

Farmville unpublished seed packet timer

Unknown unpublished Farmville seed packets

As always, keep in mind that none of the article published in Farmville Freak presents an official release date or guarantee that they are working in Farmville market. You can change at any time without prior registration!

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