FarmVille Unreleased Animals: Euro Badger, Musk Deer, Icelandic Horse, Icelandic Foal, Amur Leopard, Amur Mink, & Siberian Baby Tiger

This unprecedented feature set Farmville labels of all animals. Hurrah, yay for animals! We got a small sample of the Badger €, an unusual looking musk deer, horses and horse riding beefy Iceland Iceland, an Amur leopard, mink and a baby Amur Siberian tiger.

Note that labels must ensure unprecedented no official release date or do Farmville market and may change without notice.

Thank you, Dr. Green Thumb Freak Farmville to find this Badger €, unpublished Farmville musk deer, horses in Iceland, Icelandic horse, Amur leopard, Amur Siberian Tiger Mink & Baby Animals!

Which of these animals are not published is your favorite?

Farmville € Badger

Farmville unpublished musk deer

Farmville unpublished Iceland horses

Farmville unpublished Iceland horse foals

Farmville unpublished Amur leopard

Farmville unpublished Amur Mink

Unpublished Farmville baby Siberian tiger (Re-Release)

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