FarmVille Unreleased Animals (Cows): Guernsey Cow, Ayr Shire Cow, Norwegian Red Cow, Canadinne Cow, & Swiss Brown Cow

FarmVille Guernsey Cow

FarmVille Ayr Shire Cow

FarmVille Norwegian Red Cow

FarmVille Canadinne Cow

FarmVille Swiss Brown Cow

FarmVille Guernsey Calf

FarmVille Ayr Shire Calf

FarmVille Norwegian Red Calf

FarmVille Canadinne Calf

FarmVille Swiss Brown Calf

Holy cow(s)! Take a look at the latest batch of unreleased cows, which includes – the Guernsey Cow, the Ayr Shire Cow, the Norwegian Red Cow, the Canadinne Cow & the Swiss Brown Cow. Good news for cow breeders, all these cows will produce offspring similar to them.

However, do note that these animals are currently unreleased and hence have no official release date or guarantee that they will make it to the FarmVille Market. They are subject to any changes without prior notice.

Which farm do you think these cows will be available on?

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