FarmVille Rewards on Revealed

You may remember previously when FarmVille Freak did a post on RewardVille that was coming soon! Zynga said that it would be rolled out over the next few weeks, and it seems that the process has begun!

We are unsure about how exactly the collecting and redeeming of zCoins works, but shown below are some of the rewards that will be available in FarmVille once all players have access to RewardVille!

You may notice that these awards all belong to a past theme! Seems that they are the best selling item of the respective theme.

What do you think of these rewards shown below? Are you excited to see something you may have missed out on previously?

FarmVille Freak Corvid’s FarmVille Reward Page 1

FarmVille Bike Shop

FarmVille Mandarin Tree

FarmVille Grand Wagon

FarmVille Willow Tree

FarmVille Bistro Table

FarmVille Porcelain Vase

FarmVille Giant Snowflake I

FarmVille Skis in Snow

FarmVille Freak Corvid’s FarmVille Reward Page 2

FarmVille Mt. Duckmore

FarmVille Blue Birdhouse

FarmVille Lychee Tree

FarmVille Matterhorn

FarmVille Stagecoach

FarmVille Adobe Cottage

FarmVille Horse Post

FarmVille Porch Home

FarmVille Freak Corvid’s FarmVille Reward Page 3

FarmVille Bamboo Bridge

FarmVille Fire Station

FarmVille Large Fuel

FarmVille Covered Bridge

FarmVille Lighthouse

FarmVille Curiosity Shop

FarmVille Coastal Hideaway

FarmVille Tree Mansion

Do you have access to RewardVille yet?

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