FarmVille Quest Changes “Coming Soon” with Difficulty Levels!

FarmVille freak

FarmVille will probably make some changes for upcoming tasks of FarmVille with the help of the difficulty levels!

In our last post on a “” href=””target = “_blank” > unpublished quest Guide for FarmVille freak summer harvest, you see some confusing numbers for the requirements and seek the rewards of still unpublished and this is because FarmVille is missions difficulty levels to!

It is likely that you can select as much difficulty missions from three different levels:

  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard drive

And as the search for pay? Depending on what level surface reflect what rewarded search you will receive. It is safe to express install, such as search for more difficult level completed, the biggest rewards, the You will receive. This means that probably there will be other prizes for more difficult, complete missions and more XP and coins from the farm is awarded the direct route.

Experience how this projected search change search, FarmVille, FarmVille freaks? Tell us what what you think in the comments below and vote in our poll by FarmVille freak!

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