FarmVille Permanent Tree: Giant Mac&Cheese

Farmville giant Mac and Cheese Fruit

Farmville giant Domain Name Mac and Cheese Tree

Yesterday it was reported the first reports of Stouffer Mac and cheese giant tree in Farmington and now look tonight for direct purchase order in the market for farm-ville.
Please note, you can grow your seedlings in Giant Mystery Mac & Cheese trees or their guests a free Facebook News Feed overlooked stocks. If they get to the possession of this unique tree immediately, then it will cost $ 10 SP Farm cash.
There are trees of the Cup for the Mac and Cheese Tree, you can use the requirements of the championship and the opportunity to read below.

Permanent Farmville Tree (Released: March 9, 2011)

  • Farmville giant tree Mac & Cheese – Farm cash 10

Farmville giant Mac and Cheese Fruit

Mac & Cheese Farmville Tree and awards Master's requirements

  • Domain Level 1: 75 crops / Awards: 25 XP and 500 coins farm
  • Domain Level 2: 150 crops / Awards: 75 XP and 1500 coins on the farm
  • Domain Level 3: 225 crops / Reward: 250 XP and 5000 coins on the farm

If you add the tree to your Mac and cheese Farmville garden?

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