FarmVille Oak Tree from Mystery Seedlings

Oak Farmville

Master Farmville Oak Tree meeting

As one of the first to be an entirely new structure of seedlings mystery is a great feeling and I'm glad to share it with all my wonderful friends Farmville Freak. This week a new tree grew from seedlings mystery, a beautiful oak!

Oak Tree Notice Farmville facebook

Normally when we see a new tree seedlings in the mystery, we can expect to see in Farmville market very soon with his counterpart from level 1 trees.

Oak Tree Master Farmville requirements and awards

  • Domain Level 1: 75 crops / Awards: 25 XP and 500 coins farm
  • Domain Level 2: 150 crops / Awards: 75 XP and 1500 coins on the farm
  • Domain Level 3: 225 crops / Reward: 250 XP and 5000 coins on the farm

Farmville MaddMadamMim Oak Freak

Does the fate of one of these new tree seedlings or Mystery Facebook News Feed to get it?

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