FarmVille Mobile Farming in the English Countryside

Mobile Farmville

Our phones will Farmville Freak guru Craig H Farmville Freak with us this useful guide in the forum to mobile Farmville Agriculture in the English countryside.

If agriculture Mobile on your iPhone, iPad, love etc, so be sure to read the information regarding mobile agriculture in the English countryside.

Official Forum of Farmville

Field Agriculture in English in the country

  • All actions in the iPhone or IPAD complete missions to unlock, including England.
  • After England opens in effective operation or mission, you can load websites in the UK the iPhone only if you first browse on it.
    • If the background application on the farm of origin and has moved to find in England, you get an OOS (Out of Sync error) to start the application and load in New England.
  • The inventory of gift (gift box) of England and farm house, but certain items will be locked in the inventory, when connected to the opposite court splits (IE England terms of use are blocked, while in the farm of origin) . All outstanding gifts can be taken over farms.
  • The neighbors are divided into companies, and they are depending on neighboring property is visiting.
    • Example: When working with Mary on his farm in English, and I visit them, I'm going to an English court. During a visit can fertilize the soil and feed his chickens (if any), the same as in the farm.
  • storage inventory is unique for each operation. This means that items will not be shared storage.
  • The market will be individual elements, the distinction between the farm of origin and the English court. The properties are located on the farm that it is now seen not locked.
  • The sheep pen displays only the descendants of whites. "

(Source: Official Farmville Forum )

Do mobile farm? Have you traveled to the farm of English with your mobile device?

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