FarmVille Mini Orchard Glitch

Several Farmville Farmville freak monsters as Nelson, who said they saw "mini-gardens" on their premises. This is one of the disorders ville farm size similar to the Castle of Giant Love, except, of course, so it is a miniature Orchard. Despite the Huerta Mini is much smaller than normal size, is still fully functional. In general, the margins like these are harmless and eventually will be fixed by Zynga.

Hi, I tended to my farm, when I found this lil. Confetti Garden is my MINI but with a regular size tree it seems. Ask if this means anything or not. After the update, and leave my farm to spend the night, my garden is still small. A little fun! I compared it with my other gardens in the normal size and it is still lower than for long.
strange things ….
Farmville Nelson Freak!

Nelson Farmville Mini Garden Freak

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