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Freak Farmville understands this is a confusing time right now for many farmers. As the English countryside is rolling slowly, we have so many questions about how many of us experience again, not for ourselves.

Zynga provides farmers with an important reminder that tells us the market of Farmville, which remains the same for both, does not mean that purchases in the market apply to both companies.

"If you buy something on the market that the issue can only stay on the farm to which it is now."

This means that if you buy a sheep in the English countryside, then you can not move from the original farm, if it is set in an English court. Items can not be transferred holdings after placement.

The gap that this annoyance is the little gift box Farmville. Nothing, either on farms to be more box gifts can be yours. In addition, purchases made in the model farm directly to your gift box Farmville. You can then choose the property for use by the farm and wants to do.

Zynga Community Manager, stumpgrinder:

"After two operations is that we want players to be aware of how the market works now, if you have more than one farm (eg, the second court, the English countryside).

If you buy something on the market that the issue can only stay on the farm where it is today.

In other words, if you buy something on the market in the English country estate, you will not be able to move to the farm home. (Which also means, in general, everything is on a farm can not be moved to another operation.)

The exception are the products in your gift box, a lot of things in your gift box can be used either agricultural (some types of elements, as things that can be redeemed for gifts can not be used in the country of English) . Items purchased by the model farm directly to your gift box so you can use on the farm, but if you have a farm to see, you can not see anywhere else in farm.Also be transferred to some of the terms market are shown only for use in the English country farm. "(Source Farmville Official Forum )

Farmville Official stumpgrinder post on groceries

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