FarmVille Limited Edition Scotland Animals: Eriskay Pony & Highland Cow

Farmville Eriskay Pony

Farmville pony Eriskay pony

Highland cow Farmville

Farmville Highland calf

Farmville, a new limited edition item tonight that the shooting in Scotland with several new animals including Eriskay Pony and the Highland cow, decorations and other buildings and trees.

The Eriskay Pony Farm cash costs 24 and can lead pony Eriskay pony (pictured above), when placed in its stable Farmville. With its gray in regulation and waterproof jacket to protect hars time Eriskay ponies are native to Scotland and is considered a rare species in a critical condition. You can read more about the Eriskay pony breeding here .

Highland cow called attention to his horse cute eye and is 22 Farm cash. There is also a similar descent, the calf of the Highlands, when placed in Farmville Dairy Barn. Highland cattle are an ancient Scottish breed of cattle for their long wavy hair and long horns known. Read all about the breed of Highland cattle in here .

Both animals limited edition only until May 26, 2011 in Farmville market. No animals are unique to the English countryside, so you can buy for their holding of origin.

Pets Farmville Scotland Limited Edition (Published: 11 May 2011)

  • Farmville Eriskay Pony – Farm cash 24
  • Farmville Highland cow – 22 Farm cash

Farmville Eriskay Pony

Highland cow Farmville

If you're buying a Highland cow pony Eriskay or for exploitation? What do you think of these new animals?

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