FarmVille Limited Edition Cherokee Rose Crop Sneaks into Market!

Cultivation of roses in Cherokee FarmVille Special Edition

FarmVille has quite misleading in recent times and without the prior Notice he led a unexpected currency Special Edition, Cherokee roses farm harvest!

There is no pop up in announcing his unexpected arrival, or it could be part of one of the current topics, but it is during a new crop to improve, always still is best not too effective growing exploitation to receive it on his farm.

Do you have difficulty finding this crop in FarmVille market? Try searching keyword “Cherokee Rose”.

Cherokee Rose can a harvest of 2 seeds per parcel of land and income of 300 farm costs 132 coins of the farm coins if they are harvested also 1XP. It has also limited availability, which means that you have only within the next 28 days, to understand it before pulling out.

Growing roses Cherokee farms in FarmVille?

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