FarmVille Known Issue: What happend to my Jade Falls Quests?!

Sad cow FarmVille

One is entered with the FarmVille FAQ (frequently asked questions) in recent years with us in what jade refers to the “missing” or FarmVille falls Chapter 5 quest line ‘disappear’, that contains disappeared or never appeared for some farmers.

FarmVille FAQ: what happens with my Chapter 5 jade falls missions? The search icon is missing and had not then this number of missions?

We want to help you, his account that does not experience this problem is a known issue with FarmVille and Zynga is aware of the problem. Unfortunately, there is no current solution. Also, because of Mission expires, it is unlikely that you simply in a position where you left off or start again, to complete these missions, but to know what the big Z will do! Some farmers even more sad news, experience also disappearing magic ponies - quest line. Ay!

“02.07.12: Jade ch falls 5 missions disappear”

Description:From 02.07.2012 report players that their jade falls Chapter 5 missions between phases or no longer show up completely can disappear.
Status: The study of FarmVille is aware of the case and is currently working on a solution.
Solution: N/A

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