FarmVille Increases Level Cap on Free Farm Cash Reward!

Farm cash Farmville

Yesterday, Farmville finally allows players to level 100 in the height of its true level plane.

More good news, farm cash prizes of the CAP, the players with cash prizes free of exploitation at every level has also increased the level 250! Previously, players were no more free cash farm after reaching the 100th level and it is always better than 100 players are all cumulative free cash holdings would have received for leveling at any level will receive. For example, if you are level 150, then you realize that 50 Free Cash Farm (1 Farm cash per level) to your bank cash farm has been added!

M Farmville Freak Level Up Farm cash Privacy Policy

Note that this feature can roll slowly, so wait and wait for the farm cash flow.

From the official blog of Farmville

"The Level Cap Raised on a farm cash rewards
Note: We are launching this change today, so please be patient if you do not have yet. Pronto!

Today is the process of increasing the level cap of farm cash reward, usually given to you as you progress from level 1 to start a level 100. We are now extending this to the 250 level, those of you who have gone above the 100 level as this farm money credited to your account retroactively.

Thank you all for playing, and look forward to the addition of agricultural cash available "(Source Farmville blog )

Farmville level 100 residents

Are you excited about this new benefit for leveling past 100? We think it's great that Farmville is the reward of the peasants working as it should be!

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