FarmVille Giftable Helping Hands Package

Farmville Helping Hands

Farmville Helping Hands is here to help!

Recently, we have many things in Farmville with tons of construction and new animals (mainly sheep) in the English countryside. We found that the execution of two farms could be a lot of work and that all receive the extra help he can, why is the new Helping Hands is a perfect gift to send across effectively.

(Note: this seems to send through the gift of their deployment in phases, as not all farmers have access at this time.)

Farmville Helping Hand application Gift

From the bottom of the notice states that the gift Helping Hands, the following information:

  • Fertilizers
  • Agricultural workers
  • Arborist

Helping Hands Estate Farmville page

What do you think about Helping Hands gift? Is it useful?

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