FarmVille GagaVille In Fashion Quest 3

Farmville ville gaga Quest 3

If you hear unreleased exclusive preview of Lady Gaga "fashion love your" theme of his album This Way was born, then you need to complete missions ville gaga third! In gaga ville Quest 3 "in fashion" by completing three simple tasks and for all the hard work with few rewards, including his own white horse ponytail rewarded! Note that this horse is different from the queue Farm ponies purple box, which is currently on the market in Farmville.

Farmville notice in Fashion Quest


  • 1. Visit gaga ville farm.
  • 2. Farmville buy sheep market. (Cheaper sheep farm = 700 coins)
  • 3. Fertilize three plots on the farm friends.

Farmville information in Fashion Quest

After completing these tasks, you will be rewarded with some exclusive special ville gaga just spoil the additional benefit of being an incredible Freak Farmville, of course! Remember that if you want to reduce the rewards, you have to win today, because the search expires 19th of May at 9 o'clock (PDT).


  • Preview of Lady Gaga's song "Love Fashion."
  • release (1) VIP ticket to help you get the full album will be in!
  • (1) White Horse Farm ville ponytail.
  • 2,500 coins Farm

Farmville ponytail White Horse

Farmville In Fashion Quest

What do you think of gaga ville Quest 3 "Fashion Your Love" and his reward?

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