FarmVille Freaks Welcome “Flasher” Sheep!

Sheep farming has been the discussion of individual farmers, and almost all of us that sheep are very proud of, and may envy the neighbors.

Another sheep has wandered into the hands of the sheep and goes quickly to business!

Nobody can be certain patter where sheep with the stars, a brand or a flash coming, but now they are to be transferred to farmers through the adoption of lamb as a wildfire. These sheep are more and more popular with each new day.

lambs flashing different colors as the lambs grow white, blue and gray were. Lambs that grow in sheep intermittently, bold and bright colors like yellow and red.

Remember, you can have only one lamb per day from a neighbor that is the value of its adoption!

sheep model, which can be seen in this video:

  • Star Sheep / Ram
  • Ribbon or sash sheep / Ram
  • Polka Dot Sheep / Ram
  • Camo or dots per ewe / Ram
  • Flasher sheep stars
  • Flasher camouflage or dots per ewe / Ram
  • Polka point Flasher sheep
  • Red Lamb (Cordero A flashing)

Carnero Farmville Flasher

Farmville sheep Flasher

Farmville solid ram Flasher

The newest breed of reading is the change of sheep color! Grows to be disguised, but once you put on our farms, in constant change / flash colors!

If you're like a sheep still in?

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3 thoughts on “FarmVille Freaks Welcome “Flasher” Sheep!

  1. How and where to get the Flasher Sheep, Color Changing Sheep etc. I would like to have them, and i am sure that there is a way to get the pair ( Ram & Ewe ) without them being gifted. I don’t have any friends that are willing to share them so far.

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