FarmVille Freaks Spot Giant Chocolate Heart Tree!

Farmville giant chocolate tree

Giant chocolate heart Farmville Tree Master Session

You appear to have a new tree appeared in the seedling farms Freak Mystery ville! The chocolate giant tree heart seems to be the latest addition to the mystery of orchard seedlings are made.

Thank you very much Dawn Freak Farmville, share these photos with us!

The chocolate giant tree of the heart is also a teacher of reading, and here are the levels:

  • Level 1-75
  • Level 2-225
  • Level 3 to 450

Dawn Freak Farmville chocolate giant tree seedlings Mystery notice

Remember, once published mystery seedlings, trees can grow in completely random, so try your luck at the feed to Facebook! You never know the next giant chocolate heart tree could grow on your side!

Farmville Dawn Freak Heart Chocolate giant Christmas Decoration

As always, if you are a giant chocolate heart tree growing on the farm, you can share with a neighbor!

Farmville Dawn Freak giant chocolate heart tree

Have you discovered the giant chocolate heart of the tree to feed them now?

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