FarmVille Freak Zoo Guide

FarmVille David the Zoologist

The FarmVille Zoo is here! Once again David, the zoologist introduces us to another FarmVille animal facility. The Zoo is the third of a total of six new animal breeding/housing facilities that FarmVille will be debuting. Coinciding with its release there are also Zoo themed quests. Be sure to check out the FarmVille Freak walk-throughs for all the Zoo quests by clicking here.

FarmVille Zoo Animal Breeding Notice

Similar to the Wildlife Habitat and Pet Run, the Zoo is a constructible building that once complete can house your exotic Zoo animals, collect regular Animal Mastery and Farm Coins when harvested, and also gives you the chance at finding a Mystery Baby that can be shared with your friends.

Quick Zoo Facts

  • Zoos can house animals, harvest Farm Coins and Animal Mastery, and breed Mystery Babies.
  • Each Zoo houses 20 zoo animals.
  • You can own more than one Zoo.
  • Zoos can be harvested once per day.
  • To qualify for breeding, an animal must be housed inside the Zoo from before the 10% mark until the Zoo is harvested.

Read below for the FarmVille Freak Guide with all the deets on everything you need to know about the Zoo.

Constructing Your Zoo

Upon entering your farm you will be greeted with a pop-up about the Zoo where you can then choose to place it on your farm immediately or if you need to clear some green space that’s okay too as the Zoo will go to your FarmVille Gift Box for safekeeping.

The Zoo is a constructible building that requires building supplies to complete. You start off with the frame and work your way to a completed and functional Zoo by adding your collected building materials.

FarmVille Breeding Zoo Stage 1

FarmVille Breeding Zoo Stage 2

FarmVille Breeding Zoo Stage 3

Required Construction Materials

  • 10x Wrench
  • 10x Shrub
  • 10x Pipe

FarmVille Zoo Parts

Obtaining Your Building Materials
  • 1. Send and Receive as free gifts via the FarmVille Gifting Page.
  • 2. Use the “Ask for Part” button.
  • 3. Find (for free) from neighbors’ shares on your Facebook News Feed.
  • 4. Purchase directly with Farm Cash via the FarmVille Market.
After your Zoo is complete you will receive one free Elephant for all your hard work and effort!

Breeding with Your Zoo

In your Zoo you can breed a variety of Zoo type animals when harvesting your Zoo. Unlike Pig or Sheep breeding, there is no need to have a pair of animals to breed. Instead, breeding is simply done for you with the animals housed inside your Zoo. Each time you harvest your Zoo you have a chance at finding a Mystery Baby! The Zoo houses a variety of FarmVille exotic animals such as Elephants, Grizzlies, Giraffes, Peacocks, Flamingos, Jaguars, Kangaroos, Lions, Penguins, Tigers, Foxes, Zebras, Bears, Wolves, and Coyotes. However, currently animals such as Pheasants, Quails, and Turkeys do not quality (There’s possibly something in the works for these feathered friends ;) ).

Zoo Mystery Babies

You can find Mystery Babies when harvesting your Zoo or score some free “adoptions” from your friends via the Facebook News Feed. Mystery Babies that you claim from friends include two types:

Rare Vs. Common Mystery Babies

  • Rare Mystery Babies: Rare Mystery Babies for the Zoo have Blue Baby Baskets and include animals that were previous Limited Edition items worth less than 15 Farm Cash and Common Mystery Game items. To grow a Rare Mystery Baby into an adult, it will require 30 bags of Animal Feed.
  • Common Mystery Babies: Common Mystery Babies for the Zoo have Yellow Baby Baskets and include animals that were previous Farm Coin, Lonely wandering adoptable Animals, and Quest rewards. To grow a Common Mystery Baby into an adult, it will require 10 bags of Animal Feed.

FarmVille Mystery Baby

FarmVille Breeding Zoo Common Mystery Baby

FarmVille Breeding Zoo Rare Mystery Baby


Finding a Mystery Baby in Your Zoo

Any Mystery Baby that you find when harvesting your own Zoo will grow up to be just like one of the animals that was housed in your Zoo at the time you harvested. However, this is a big catch (especially for breeders and rotators) to qualify for breeding the animal must be in the Zoo before the 10% mark of harvest progress.
What do you think of the FarmVille Zoo? Do you have room for a Zoo on your farm or did you have to clear away space? 

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