FarmVille Freak Techie: Cupid’s Castle Enormous Glitch

Cupid Castle Farmville Completed

Last night the release of the palace on Valentine Cupid. A couple of geeks have already completed their construction Farmville! We have reports of Farmville for the geeks who built the time preparing for his castle of Cupid, will be huge!

Hello FarmGoddess,

I'd like to share a picture of my farm, where Cupid Castle seems so huge, it's probably a mistake, but I thought I should share it with you.

Jad Freak Farmville

Do you think this is a fault or the castle is really big?

Have you finished building his house of Cupid yet?

Cupid Castle Freak Micro Farmville Glitch (click to enlarge)

Farmville Cupid Castle Freak Jad Glitch (click to enlarge)

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2 thoughts on “FarmVille Freak Techie: Cupid’s Castle Enormous Glitch

  1. Mine has freaked out too… It used to be about 9 blocks (farmville ground… thingies) big, but now it PRETENDS to be 9 blocks big, while it’s actually gotten huuuuuuuge! The weird thing is that, even though you can not see what lies behind/underneath any more, you can still click those things and do all the regular stuff… So yeah, this is a bug. AND I WANT IT GONE!!! I don’t have place for something that enormous and now I can’t see my virtual rabbits any more D:

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