FarmVille Freak Summer Vacation Farmventure Quests Master Guide

This number of FarmVille missions must at some point in the afternoon of Thursday, 24 may 2012 go live.

Use this guide to plan FarmVille freak speed corresponding to through your quests. Note that an excellent neighbor and share with your friends farmin’ ‘! In the event that other missions FarmVille needs help completing, return you the tab drawing “FFV missions” located in the top menu on our homepage

Check your rewards see finding and this informative article with friends farmin’ ‘!

Note the information in this guide is just to use the publication, but is subject to improve (usually for the reduction in the requirements) without notice from Zynga. Find an error? Please report any conclusions on Farmgoddess @ or this post you admit a comment off.

FarmVille holiday Farmventure missions of teacher’s guide

FarmVille holiday Farmventure quest 1:
Requirements: Get 4 glasses peanuts, peanut harvest 50 & Zoo harvest 2 times
Rewards: 125 XP, Brown baby elephant and 2,500 farm coins

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FarmVille holiday Farmventure quest 2:
Requirements: 6 hunters get bug, harvest 75 Peppermints & vintage Brown baby elephant 2 times
Rewards: 150 XP x 2 Unwithers & 3,000 coins farm

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FarmVille holiday Farmventure quest 3:
Requirements: & you get 8 tent poles harvested harvest 100 spinach cow pasture 2 times
Rewards: XP 175, leaf hut and 3,500 farm coins

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FarmVille summer holiday Farmventure quest 4:
Requirements: Get 8 glasses sew, the harvest of cotton 125 & master brown elephant 1 Star (5 crops)
Reward: 200 XP, cow from cotton and 4,000 coins farm

FarmVille holiday Farmventure quest 5:
Requirements:, harvest 150 poppy gold & 8 harvest waterproof cotton cow get 2 times
Rewards: 225 XP, 1 Pack charger Turbo X and 4,500 farm of coins

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FarmVille holiday Farmventure quest 6:
Requirements: 8 pick me ups pepper, 150 pepper harvest and reap horse paddock 2 times
Reward: 250 XP, coins of tree of pepper and 5,000 farm

FarmVille holiday Farmventure quest 7:
Requirements: 9 teams get Aubergine, harvest 150 Eggplant & master cotton cow 1 star (5 crops)
Rewards: 275 XP, purple Contrast and 5,500 farm coins

FarmVille holiday Farmventure quest 8:
Requirements: Seeds get 10 spreaders 150 soy & vintage harvested purple contrast 2 times
Rewards: 300 XP, DART of mystery and 6,000 coins

FarmVille holiday summer Farmventure quest 9:
Requirements: Get 12 planter shrub, harvest 200 lilac and vintage times pepper tree 2
Rewards: 325 XP, Firefly Pony and 6,500 farm coins

What do you think on missions of Farmventure of FarmVille summer holidays?  There they will by omitting or quests for his conclusion?

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