FarmVille Freak Inside Scoop: Farming in the English Countryside!

FarmVille English Countryside

If you are interested in learning more about how farmers will travel to FarmVille English Countryside, please click here!

Arriving in the FarmVille English Countryside

When you arrive on your second farm in the English Countryside there will be several characters to interact with: Duke, Olivia the barmaid, Lilly the dairymaid and Angus the farmer, and the Duke’s son Henry, just to name a few. These characters will guide you through several quests or missions to help you repair the run down farm in the English Countryside.

You will be able to check your progress through an interactive map. This map will show not only your progress, but your neighbors progress as well. You will be able to see neighbors that are ahead of you and behind you and help them in their quests.

Once again, you do not have to participate in the story line or quests to farm in the FVEC (FarmVille English Countryside). Nor will you need energy supplements to farm. The game play is true to your original farm and the farming cycle of plow, plant, harvest.

Making Repairs in the English Countryside

Since your farm in the English Countryside will be in a state of disrepair, you will need to mend items on your farm such as buildings with purpose before you can use them. For example, you will need to fix a run down Combine vehicle to farm with it, or mend your Chicken Coop or Horse Stable. All of these buildings will already be there, but you will need to repair them before you can use them versus building them starting with a framework as we do in our original FarmVille farms. Similar to other constructible buildings, we can utilize neighbor help to repair our buildings. This can be done by using items that neighbors send from the FarmVille Free Gifts Page. These building materials include: Boards, Bricks, Nails, etc. Most, if not all of these items can be found in the very useful Special Delivery Boxes sent by neighbors.

Remember how Zynga already told us to start stockpiling our buildings supplies? Well, this is why. Building materials will come in handy for making all the repairs on our English Countryside farms. This means that items such as Special Delivery Boxes or other building materials that we have stored in our FarmVille Gift Boxes will be usable in the FarmVille English Countryside. How many of these items will we need? Let’s just say that saving around 100 Special Delivery Boxes is a great starting point. Having 100 Special Delivery Boxes is a comfortable number that you should be able to complete what you need to repair. Of course if you stockpile more then I’m sure you will find a use for them.

FarmVille English Countryside Buildings

Taking Your Items to the English Countryside

Much like our original farms we will have a Dairy Barn, Horse Stable, Duck Pond, new decorations and crops (Yes, they are Masterable Crops). Unfortunately, you will not be able to transport animals or items such as buildings or decorations from your current farm to the English Countryside. The only items you can use on either farm are items from your Gift Box.

Two Examples:

1. If you collect a Golden Mystery Egg from a neighbor and the reward is a Golden Chicken, you will be able to place this chicken on either your original farm or FVEC (FarmVille English Countryside) farm.

2. If you master an exclusive FVEC crop, the mastery sign will be in your Gift Box, so you will be able to place it on only one of your two farms.

Farming in the English Countryside is a bit different from what we may have expected. We will not be able to access our current storage. But, have hope still farmers, after seeing English Countryside I think we shall all survive. This is a true clean slate! A chance to build up from nothing at all.

Crops & Trees of the English Countryside

There will be exclusive FarmVille English Countryside crops and trees. You will only be able to access these through your second farm.

The Good news: The soil is richer! When you harvest your crops in English Countryside you will get mastery bonuses! Much like bushels and perfect bunches pop up, players will receive notifications stating that they have received extra mastery points.

The Even Better News: Although certain trees will only be available in FVEC when you harvest your very attractive new orchard (Yes, these have an awesome new look and can be built in your second farm for boards, bricks and nails) you will have a chance to receive a seedling much like on your original farm. This seedling will be in your Gift Box, so you will have the choice to grow it on your original farm or your on your FVEC. This allows you to take at least Level 2 Trees to your original farm.

What are some of the new crops available in FarmVille English Countryside?

  • FarmVille Red Currents
  • FarmVille Hops
  • FarmVille Foxglove
  • FarmVille Barley
  • FarmVille Turnips
  • FarmVille Radish
  • FarmVille Pink Asters

Yes! Farming in the English Countryside will be accompanied by all-new background music.

FarmVille English Countryside

Do you see a bit of a pattern in these crops? Yes! You will have a new Crafting Building, the FarmVille English Countryside Pub, where you will make yummy drinks for Olivia the barmaid. The Barley and Hops crop will surely help you with that.

The FarmVille Market as we know it stays the same. The Market is the same for both our original FarmVille farms and our farms in the English Countryside.

What do you think of all this new information on the English Countryside? Let’s hear your feedback FarmVille Freaks!

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One thought on “FarmVille Freak Inside Scoop: Farming in the English Countryside!

  1. felt delighted about the English country side farm but disappointed for the fact that the game gets paused while switching to the other farm!both farms should be on a continuous mode!

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