FarmVille Freak Guide: Traveling to Your English Countryside Farm

Notice: The English Countryside is currently only available to a randomly selected group of users as we are beginning a slow release of this feature. We will announce when this update is live to 100% of users in the near future.

Finally! It’s about time the English Countryside officially debuted today. Unfortunately some farmers will have to wait a little longer as this new feature is being slowly rolled out and for a good reason. Why doesn’t everyone have access at once? With any new (and big) feature like this one, only a select group of users initially have access due to testing issues and to make sure that major problems are prevented. What we can tell you is that the wait may be worth it as you will soon be able to venture off to your second farm in the English Countryside where exciting new game play such as Sheep Breeding, brewing pints in a new Crafting Pub, exclusive crops, and a second farm (need we say more?) awaits.

So without further adue let’s talk about how all of this will actually work. You can read this FarmVille Freak guide to help you travel to your new farm or also to get a sneak peek of what you can expect when you have access.  The English Countryside is available to any FarmVille player that is Level 20 and above.

When you have access to the English Countryside you will first, see the pop-up below:

FarmVille English Countryside Look up! Notice

Clicking the green “Check it Out” button will trigger an animation of the Duke’s Airship crashing on your farm. Here’s a screenshot of Duke’s crash.

FarmVille English Countryside Duke Crashing on Farm

We learn from Duke that he’s been looking for us and that he has also brought us a very special gift, a deed to our English Countryside farms- in England! However, before we can visit our new farms, we first need to repair Duke’s Airship which when repaired will transport us to our English farms.

FarmVille English Countryside Duke Deed Notice

Repairing Duke’s Airship by Completing Quests

To start making repairs on Duke’s Airship, you will need to first place the Airship at a safe place on your farm, which really means any space that you have cleared and that can fit his airship. Simply click on Duke’s Airship which immediately takes you to placement mode.

FarmVille English Countryside Fix Airship Notice

If you’d rather wait to place Duke’s damaged Airship, it will go to your FarmVille Gift Box for you to user at a later time. It’s important to note that placing the Airship will trigger quests. If you’d rather wait for later, you can leave the Airship in your Gift Box until you are ready and able to start your journey to England.

FarmVille English Countryside Duke's Airship

Placing Duke’s Airship will launch your first English Countryside Quest. If for some reason you miss the pop-up notification, you can also access your quest by clicking on the quest icon (as pictured below) located on the top left side of your in-game screen. The icon will display which quest you are currently on as well as what part of the quest.

FarmVille English Countryside Quest Notification

The icon shows which quest you’re on as well as what part of the quest (part 1, part 2, etc.). As always, you can bypass quests and skip ahead by completing them immediately with Farm Cash. Whether you c0mplete the quest by actually completing the tasks or by paying your way with Farm Cash you will receive the quests XP and rewards. As even more incentive to participate in quests, for the first time ever, we are also being rewarded with Farm Cash! Yes, that’s right the first Quest, Drop Anchor! includes 5 Farm Cash as one of its rewards.

In order to repair Duke’s Airship, you will need to complete three quests. Each quest’s completion will aid in the repair of the Duke’s Airship and will get you one step closer to traveling to your English Countryside farms. Here is an outline of each quest required to complete The Duke’s Airship:

Quest 1: Drop Anchor!

Since The Duke needs something heavy to hold down his airship, the first quest will be focused on anchoring it down.


  • 1. Buy 3 Crates. (Each Crate costs 150 Farm Coins)
  • 2. Place Crates on  your farm.

Note, Crates, like Hay Bales, are set to auto-purchase. Whenever you buy one and place it on your farm you can automatically buy more by continuing to place additional Crates. This prevents you from having to continuously return to the FarmVille Market to buy the same item.


  • 100 XP
  • 5 Farm Cash
  • 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille English Countryside Quest 1: Drop Anchor

Completing the quest, will give you the option to share the wealth with  your FarmVille neighbors by posting a Facebook News Feed share when you click the blue “Share Coins” button.

Quest 2: Cotton To It

To further your repairs on The Duke’s Airship, you will need to grow Cotton on your farm to help fix the airship and complete the “Cotton To It” quest.

FarmVille English Countryside Quest 2: Cotton to it


  • 1. Plant 50 plots of Cotton on your farm.

You will need to plant Cotton on your farm manually by clicking with your mouse or by using a Vehicle. It doesn’t matter how you do it as long as it gets done. There is no need to worry about harvesting the cotton at this point. To skip this quest and jump ahead you can pay 15 Farm Cash.


  • 100 XP
  • 2,500 Farm Coins
  • 1 Flag

Quest 3: Nice Supplies

To prepare for your journey to the English Countryside you will need some supplies to take with you. Thankfully it’s just one- a single Cow.


  • 1. Purchase one Cow from the FarmVille Market for 300 Farm Coins.

FarmVille English Countryside Quest 3: A Nice Supplies

The cost is 300 coins for a single Cow. Click Buy, and then place it on your farm by clicking on an open spot. That’s all you need! The quest complete window will now pop up.

FarmVille English Countryside Quest 3 Complete

The quest rewards are:

  • 250 XP
  • Aviator’s Cap
  • 2,500 Coins

Quest: Bon Voyage Party

You’re ready to go for England, so it’s time to throw a party and all of your neighbors can be invited—the more you get to come, the faster it’ll take for you to be able to leave. Clicking on the quest icon will bring you to the Bon Voyage Party window:

FarmVille Bon Voyage Party Information

Click on the Invite Friends button to start inviting your neighbors. When they accept, the meter on the left will begin to fill, and their avatars will show up at the party. Here’s how many you’ll need:

  • 0-3 neighbors: unable to travel to England
  • 4-14 neighbors: depart in 4 days
  • 15-34 neighbors: depart in 2 days
  • 35 neighbors: depart right now

Once you get four neighbors, you’ll see a 4-day countdown timer show up underneath the Bon Voyage Party banner at the top of the window. If you manage to get 15 neighbors, the countdown timer will decrease by 2 whole days or will hit zero (whichever is better for you). Getting 35 will instantly zero the countdown timer.

Note you also have the option of foregoing the party with the use of Farm Cash. Click on the “Unlock” button to pay 60 Farm Cash and get ready to travel to England instantly.

Once the countdown timer reaches zero or is otherwise unlocked, you’ll see this banner show up at the top of the window:

FarmVille Bon Voyage Party Complete

Now click on “Go to the English Countryside”. You’ll see this informational pop-up:

FarmVille Ready to Visit Second Farm Notice

You can click on Okay and The Duke will show you how to travel to England; otherwise you can hit Cancel. In any case, the way to travel to England is in the upper right-hand portion of the game window. Right now you can see you’re on “My Home Farm” and there’s an Airship icon right next to it:

FarmVille English Countryside Icon

Simply click on the icon, and you’ll see the option showing “To the English Countryside”. Click on that and away you go!

When you’re in England you can use this to come back to your Home Farm at any time. Note that when you are on one farm, the other farm is “paused”—that is to say, all timers are stopped. Your crops will not wither on a paused farm, but they will not grow either (animal or tree timers will also remain the same). A neighbor can only visit whichever farm you are currently active on; they cannot visit a “paused” farm.

You’re ready for England!

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9 thoughts on “FarmVille Freak Guide: Traveling to Your English Countryside Farm

  1. I finished my party and started flying to English Countryside farm.The loading circle kept just going round and round and no farm loaded. When I refreshed my page, my ship was still on original farm but there was no link present to start flying again to English Countryside farm. Please help!!

  2. Hi, I already had 19 friends and the countdown has started more than a day ago but now when I am refreshing it, I have 0 friends and have to invite them all over again and wait again for 2 days to finish it. that’s not fair. I will not be able to get the maximum required friends because I only have 24 neighbors so 2 days for me is worth the wait but now, i have to restart again?????? Weird.

  3. Hi, why cant both the home farm and English farm gain growth? At this stage you can only gain percentages and growth while logged into one farm.
    Many of my FV friends have sold up their English farms and wont play.
    Thanks Helen

  4. my farmville on facebook is stuck
    it’s not working anymore
    and i dont want to star from beggining
    how do i fix it

  5. I have 4 people but The countdown does not start and the picture isn’t there next to my farm’s name

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