FarmVille Freak Guide to Jade Falls

Today, FarmVille started his sixth goal farm-free use, waterfalls jade!

We want to give you some information about the latest FarmVille farm and I re-Posteo access to some of the articles of last week, those who published throughout the entire paid. This information applies now that it is relevant for all farmers, because everyone can visit the waterfalls of jade, we hope that you will think that it is useful.

Jade to win

Jade jade is the new currency in FarmVille if used. Much like in the Hawaiian of paradise Cocos, jade the equivalent in the jade is may. Each farmer has started a Bank of 6,000 coins jade. You will be able to collect more jade is Jade animals, jade harvesting trees, plants, complete missions falls and challenge the master Lu, powerleveling boost Palace of the mountain and unlock assets.

You can win, jade always harvesting of animals jade waterfalls and trees of jade falls on all farms, not only in the cases of jade.

Starting over in white jade falls and comparison of CP

Jade falls each at level 0 FarmVille begins again the playing field has paved that may be comparable to XP, by the introduction of a new system of CP or point of Zen. Every time a certain amount of CP can accumulate you points with a new layer of the waterfalls of jade and unlock new items and Skills.

How you win target = “_blank” > Zen ZP points

You will receive new levels in the jade is and unlock new skills

New plants, trees and animals

3 Types of cultures

  • Terrace – special plants, currently only

Rice sticky, on the level of the terrace can be grown. Terrace plants wilt never!

  • Country: Farm land area falls cultures to the jade.
  • Water: water only can water levels from his farm in the jade is to be cultivated.
  • In the development of The waterfalls of jade tea garden

    Development of new restaurant jade falls tea garden

    New craft

    Missions and challenges of Master Lu in jade falls

    Jade is the missions

    “href=””target =”_blank”> jade falls Chapter 1 (only early access)

  • Jade falls Chapter 2
  • Jade falls Chapter 3 (unpublished.)
  • Jade falls Chapter 4 (unpublished.)
  • Challenges of Master Lu

    Master Lu is here a completely new character, teach teach us and training us than at the same time reward for completed challenges us. Think of the challenges of Master Lu as mini-Misiones.

    “” href=””target = “_blank” > see without seeing

  • Key challenge 2: find your way
  • Challenge 3:
  • “” href=””target = “_blank” > pick up accessories

    Habitat animal jade

    In addition falls of usual animal habitats, jade Habitat, unique jade takes us into a new animal jade falls farms.

    12 Strips of bamboo, 12 Reed straw and 12 stones of clay required for this first phase. It can be expanded to more than 40 animals.

    Mountain Palace

    Mountain Palace could be harvestable characteristic of jade drops similar to such as paradise and Cala Hawaiian volcano in the lighthouse Cove. You will likely be able to update, harvested for greater rewards. Find a total of 10 levels. The following Materials for each phase requires:

    • Stone pillar
    • Terra cotta
    • Incense suspension

    Dignity jade FarmVille have doubts over the waterfalls? Then you ask about us or comment your experiences is Jade!

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