FarmVille Freak Greenhouse Guide

FarmVille Greenhouse Completed

An exciting new feature, the FarmVille Greenhouse along with new crops was released tonight! It will slowly be rolling out to all farmers. Note, that the Greenhouse was previously referred to by Zynga as the Glasshouse in past podcasts. Due to this name change, the old Greenhouse (a decorative building with no function that is available in the FarmVille Market) is now called the Glasshouse. The Cube Greenhouse that is available through iMobile-devices only is still just a decorative building and is not part of this new feature. Now that we’ve cleared up the naming confusion let’s get on to how this new feature works.

FarmVille Greenhouse Notice

The Greenhouse is a constructible building that you can use to create new FarmVille crops. As seen in the picture below, up to 10 new crops (with Crop Mastery) can be created. The Greenhouse is a multi-level constructible building with three construction phases similar to other constructible buildings. With each construction phase, the Greenhouse will change physical appearance. The bigger your Greenhouse, the more seeds you can produce.

  • Level 1 Greenhouse – 1 Seed Tray
  • Level 2 Greenhouse – 4 Seed Trays

FarmVille Greenhouse Explanation

Some of the new FarmVille hybrid crops include:

  • FarmVille Straspberry
  • FarmVille Purple Tomato
  • FarmVille Long Onion
  • FarmVille Sun Poppy
  • FarmVille Double Grain
  • FarmVille Whisky Peas
  • FarmVille Fire Pepper
  • FarmVille Squmpkin>
  • FarmVIlle Red Spinach
  • FarmVille Lilac Daffy

FarmVille Greenhouse Crops

Everyone will receive their Greenhouse frame for free. Upon entering your farm, you will enter into Placement mode. Then you can choose to immediately place your Greenhouse on your farm (if you have enough space cleared) or if not it will go to your FarmVille Gift Box if you want or need to place it later. If for some reason you do not receive your Greenhouse or you accidentally delete it, it can be purchased in the FarmVille Market under the Buildings tab.

You will need to inlist the help of your FarmVille neighbors to construct this new building for free. There are a total of three phases and each phase will require more bricks, nails, and wooden boards (See below for the building requirements per phase). The items needed can be found several ways: as free gifts, in Special Delivery Boxes, can be collected off Facebook newsfeed as bonuses, or can be purchased directly with Farm Cash. If you want to purchase building materials using Farm Cash, the cost is 1 FV$ per part. Remember, as each building phase is complete, the building becomes larger and more grand, but it will also increase the chance of producing new crops.

Greenhouse Building Requirements

  • Phase 1 Building Requirements: 4 Bricks, 4 Nails, and 4 Wooden Boards
  • Phase 2 Building Requirements: 15 Bricks, 15 Nails, and 15 Wooden Boards
  • Phase 3 Building Requirements: 20 Bricks, 20 Nails, and 20 Wooden Boards

FarmVille Greenhouse Expanding

Once your Greenhouse is complete, you can view details by first clicking the building on your farm and then clicking the “Look Inside” button from the menu. This view will open up the Greenhouse menu. The first Nursery tab displays the tray level as well as slots to place your seeds to experiement with. Different seed combinations will produce new crops. Clicking the “Place a Seed” button on Slot 1 and Slot 2 will show you a mini-Market display that displays 20 regular crops.

FarmVille Greenhouse Seed Genealogy

Simply place a seed in each slot and see if your combination works! Entering the correct crop combination, will tell you what the new crop will be and you will be deducted the cost of the crop. You can find the cost of the crop listed under each crop. However, if you enter the wrong combination of crops you will get an error message. Experimenting with new crop combinations can be time consuming because typically each experimented crop will take 3 days,  but don’t worry – your FarmVille friends can help you speed up the process! By clicking the “Ask for Help” button you can recruit your neighbors to help you reduce your experimentation time. Each friend that helps you will reduce the amount of time by one day.  Also, if you’ve got Farm Cash to spend, then using Farm Cash to buy your way through is another option. The cost is 2 Farm Cash for each “friend” that helped, for a total of 6 FV$ to bypass the growth stage.

When experimentation is complete, the clock timer is replaced with an image of a new seed packet. Simply, click the “Harvest” button and you will be rewarded with the new enhanced crop. After each completed experimentation, you will get a total of 50 seeds of that new crop. The crop seeds will go directly to your FarmVille Market seed inventory similar to giftable Limited Edition seeds such as the Black Roses . As a bonus you will be able to share this new crop with some of your friends as well.

Expanding the Greenhouse will introduce new seed tray levels for you to experiment with. Any combination of special crops can be experimented with.

The “Seed Genealogy” button displays the genealogy of all the special crops that are available to experiment with. It also shows you the mastery of the crop whenever you mouseover the crop’s image.

FarmVille Freak HatchetHolic's Greenhouse

FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess' Completed Greenhouse

Do you like this new feature? What do you think of the FarmVille Greenhouse and experimenting with new crops?

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  1. how to make lilac daffy….
    alreadymaster those two seed why in glasshouse i cant make it yet?

  2. How do I use my sprinklers? I have 3, I think I need 6, but have no idea how to proceed. I have built the greenhouse as big as it can get…but get no prompting, or anything.

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