FarmVille Freak Farm of the Week: Katy’s Fairy Tale Farm

This week Farmville Freak of the Week Katy Freak Farm Farmville Scotland, inspired by a fairy tale farm that use of the market created some of the recent limited edition items fairytale Farmville.

She has managed to create a farm chat with room to grow and still devote a part of the decoration.

Katy Freak Farmville farm in Scotland of the week

I have this small diorama based on fairy tales and legends. I thought the beast in the Haunted Tower could be the princess in the tower of the princess, who is surrounded by an enchanted forest love, but first gets the knight on his horse stealing charm!

– Farmville Freak Katy Scotland

Do you think your yard is interesting or unique? Maybe you have a story or a different subject farm. If you like, the week listed in Farmville Farmville Freak Freak, send your submissions to the farm

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