FarmVille Freak FAQ: How to Disable One Click Sharing

Farmville faster poison

With recent changes in Farmville share on Facebook, you can now automatically share your messages on the Facebook news service in "One-Click Sharing." However, many fans of Farmville do not like this new feature and do not want Farmville automatically publish their actions. An exchange can click, you can share a single click, if you have signed and agreed upon, is through advanced permissions extends Farmville Farmville permissions. What if you, and you do not like sharing with one click? That's OK, because you can remove it. Not a farmer and the choice depending on what may be right, you can opt in or out of sharing with one click. Read the following exchange as a click to delete your Facebook account.

If you use one of the monsters in Farmville, sharing a single click and does not want to hate can be disabled (even if you have registered Farmville is extended permissions). Here is a step by step guide on how to disable an exchange Click Settings Facebook.

A clear Click Share

  • On Facebook
  • Click on "Account"> privacy settings
  • Applications and web sites, click "Edit Configuration"
  • Applications, click on "Edit" in a
  • Edit the configuration of Farmville
  • To "my wall" to "remove"

What do you think freaks Farmville, Farmville're a fan of one-click to share it or hate it?

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