FarmVille Freak English Countryside Sheep Pen & Sheep Breeding Guide

The English Countryside is packed with exciting new features such as Sheep Breeding!  Sheep Breeding in the English Countryside is easy enough, but before you can start your breeding ventures, you will first need a Sheep Pen. That’s right your beloved FarmVille furry flock finally has a home! So let’s get started and get you well on your way to breeding your Ewes and Rams for endless possible offspring.

First, the only way you can access Sheep Breeding and the Sheep Pen is on your English Countryside farms. If you do not yet have access to the English Countryside, fear not as it’s slowly being rolled out throughout the day. On your English farms you will be introduced to Sheep Pens in the “Et Tu, Brutus? Quest” or you can purchase a Sheep Pen in the FarmVille Market for 5,000 Farm Coins under the “Buildings” tab.

FarmVille English Countryside Sheep Pen Information

Building Your Sheep Pen

The Sheep Pen is a constructible building with three building phases. Each phase requires more supplies for its completion. As you build and complete each phase of the construction, the Sheep Pen changes physical appearance becoming bigger and better with each progressive stage. Upon completion you will see up to three Sheep on the outside of your Sheep Pen which are the most recent Sheep placed inside your pen. The breakdown of required supplies can be seen below:

Level 1 Sheep Pen: 10 Wooden Boards, 10 Nails, and 10 Bricks = 30 supplies.

  • Completed Level 1 Sheep Pen has 1 breeding stall and Sheep capacity of 20 Sheep.

Level 2 Sheep Pen: 15 Wooden Boards, 15 Nails, and 15 Bricks = 45 supplies.

  • Completed Level 2 Sheep Pen has 2 breeding stalls and Sheep capacity of 30 Sheep.

Level 3 Sheep Pen:  20 Wooden Boards, 20 Nails, and 20 Bricks = 60 supplies.

  • Completed Level 3 Sheep Pen has 3 breeding Stalls and Sheep capacity of 40 Sheep.

Obtaining Building Supplies

Similar to other constructible buildings, you can obtain building supplies the following ways:

  1. Send and Receive building supplies via the FarmVille Free Gifts Page.
  2. Asking your neighbors for parts by posting a Facebook News Feed.
  3. Collecting free building supplies from the Facebook News Feed.
  4. Utilizing building supplies already in  your FarmVille Gift Box.
  5. Utilizing Special Delivery Boxes.
  6. Purchasing building supplies with Farm Cash for 1 FV$ per part.
  7. Purchasing a completed Sheep Pen directly by clicking the “Complete Now” button.

FarmVille English Countryside Sheep Pen Parts

Expanding your Sheep Pen

Expansion is available for Sheep Pens. Just as other building expansions,  you will have the option to increase the capacity of your Sheep Pen by clicking the “Expand” button located on the inside of your Sheep Pen.

At each expansion, you can increase the capacity of your Sheep Pen by 10 and also add an extra Breeding Stall. Having an additional Breeding Stall will allow you to simultaneously breed.

FarmVille English Countryside Sheep Pen Levels

FarmVille English Countryside Sheep Pen Insid

Breeding your Sheep

To breed a sheep you will be selecting one Ram and one Ewe from your flock. If you have a successful breed, then you can produce a baby Lamb! More on Lambs later. First, if your Sheep Pen is empty you will need to place some Sheep inside. Note, not all Sheep can be placed inside. Completing the Et Tu, Brutus Quest will reward you with Brutus the Ram. Other Rams or Ewes can be purchased directly with Farm Cash in the FarmVille Market.

FarmVille English Countryside Brutus Sheep Inside

Then, to select your chosen candidates for breeding simply click on a Ram and an Ewe placed inside your Sheep Pen. Once you click your Sheep or Ewe, you will see the option to “Breed”. Click the green “Breed” button to get started. Highlighted Sheep or Ewes will show you which animals can breed together. Breeding is a 24 hour process and remember not every breed results in a Lamb. There is about a 50% chance that your breeding will produce a Lamb. However, you can raise these percentages and increase your chances of producing Lambs by utilizing Love Potions! Read more about Love Potions and Lambs too below.

FarmVille English Countryside Breed Option

FarmVille English Countryside Breed Option Chosen

Love Potions & Getting Lucky

To increase your chances at producing a Lamb and also shorten the breeding duration, you can use special Love Potions! As we mentioned earlier, without using Love Potions you have about a 50% success rate at producing a Lamb. Here are the numbers for using Love Potions in your Sheep Breeding:

  • 0 Love Potion = 50% success rate, Breed time: 24 hours
  • 1 Love Potion = 60% success rate, Breed time: 12 hours
  • 2 Love Potions = 70% success rate, Breed time: 6 hours
  • 3 Love Potions =80% success rate, Breed time: 3 hours
  • 4 Love Potions = 90% success rate, Breed time: 1 hours
  • 5 Love Potions = 100% success rate, Breed time: 0 hours (instantly!)

Love Potions can be obtained by:

  • Buying Love Potions directly with Farm Cash. 5 FV$ for 5 Love Potions.
  • Asking your neighbors for Love Potions by clicking the “Ask for Potions”button located inside the Sheep Pen.

FarmVille Love Potion Options

Baby Lambs

The purpose of Sheep Breeding is Baby Lambs of course!  Note, not every breed will result in an offspring. However, the possibilities of potential offspring are numerous, in the millions. If your breed was successful you will receive a new Lamb. You have the option of naming your Lamb as well as the option of keeping it for yourself or giving it away to one of your lucky neighbors via the Facebook News Feed. You can name your Lamb anything you want as long as it doesn’t violate Zynga’s Terms of Service. If you can’t decide on a name, don’t worry names can be changed even when your Lamb grows into an adult.

FarmVille English Countryside Side Lamb Notice

If you keep your Lamb for yourself, your Lamb can be placed anywhere on your farm. You will also have the ability to nourish your new baby by feeding it Baby Bottles to help it grow into a mature adult Sheep or Ewe. It takes 10 Baby Bottles to fully grow a Lamb. While Baby Lambs are born a certain color, it is not necessarily indicative of its adult appearance. Lambs can draw on the genetics of their parents to take on their parents patterns or colors.

FarmVille English Countryside Baby Lamb

FarmVille English Countryside Baby Lamb Options

If you are worried about finding enough food for your Lamb, don’t fret there are several ways to find enough bottles including lots of free options.

Getting Baby Bottles

  • Sending or Receiving Baby Bottles from the FarmVille Free Gifting Page.
  • Asking your neighbors by clicking on “Ask for Bottles”.
  • Purchasing Baby Bottles in the FarmVille Market for 1 FV$ each.
  • Purchasing all the Baby Bottles needed to grow a Lamb by clicking the “Complete Now” button.

After you have given your Lamb 10 Baby Bottles it will grow up into an adult Sheep or Ewe and you will have the ability to share the exact same type of Sheep or Ewe with your farming friends by sharing a link via the Facebook News Feed.

Other Notes on Sheep Breeding

As noted above, sheep breeding can be a somewhat random process, based on the colors and patterns of the ram and ewe used. Each color a parent possesses has a certain color range to it that can be applied to the lamb in question, so you never really know what you’re getting exactly. In this example of using Brutus and a Brown sheep, these varieties were produced:

FarmVille English Countryside Random Breeding

So as you progress in breeding different sheep types, the chances of producing more color variations increases dramatically.
Other Sheep Pen Notes

  • Sheep Pens and Sheep Breeding is exclusive to the English Countryside.
  • Only one Sheep Pen per farm.
  • English Countryside exclusive Sheep (Rams and Ewes) can be purchased directly in the FarmVille Market using Farm Cash.
  • There is a button for the “Family Tree”. This feature is not currently working or active and is in “Coming Soon” status.
  • A Mini Game for Sheep Breeding is “Coming Soon”.

FarmVille English Countryside Ewe (Navy)

FarmVille English Countryside Ewe (Pastel Pink)

FarmVille English Countryside Ram (Purple Dots)

What do you think of Sheep Breeding in the English Countryside? Will you start a sheep breeding career in the English Countryside?

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