FarmVille Freak David’s FarmVille Birthday Cake

FarmVille freak David ' s FarmVille birthday cake

Time and time, we receive emails from my beloved readers FarmVille freak, are happy, share their Farmville inspired Creaciones fair, including this, poems, artwork, tattoos or home gardens of real life and coops. We love to see what you do and share with other virtual agriculture enthusiasts!

The image above is FarmVille Freak David, which is produced by her sweet husband Joshthe birthday cake. Only a “true blue FarmVille freak” was absolutely for David FFV, attached, celebrate his birthday with a FarmVille birthday cake. Congratulations to the birthday, David!

Could you have inspired a FarmVille creation, you want to give us? Do, or maybe want just outside his home, in Expose FarmVille? In will send a contact (with photos) to represented!

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