FarmVille English Countryside: Working Hard on Two Farms, Neighbor Visitation & Other Key Points

Farmville English landscape – click to enlarge (Source: IGN)

Yesterday I was fortunate to spend the day at Zynga, and was very impressed with the facilities and especially the people. Everyone I met with, is or has been hard at work, were impressed by the game and what they do.

Places of hard work into two parts:

This is very difficult for the farm close second in the English countryside, only be a control "active" at a time.

For example: If you plant strawberries in the original farm and head to the second on his farm in the English landscape work a few hours if the original farm of his statement of newly planted strawberries and have not grown. We can speculate that nothing happened on the farm (animal stops are mature trees stop growing, etc) while working in another. This means you can not work, while the two companies.

Neighbor Visitation

If you fly to Farmville English country with Duke, you activate your second farm in the English countryside. The neighbors, you can visit both of their businesses. However, its neighbors will only be visiting a farm, and is currently working, or last. This will be represented at the neighboring bar. Under each neighbor is either a home icon (the origonal his farm active and growing), or a British flag icon (which grows its Farmville English Country Farm and active).

So one of their holdings are mainly due to break at any time.

This means you will have to decide what plants to grow if you do not want to play. The farm is working on the last, or stay after work actively to leave (the others paused).

For example, if the dream of the night and want to grow your English country farm ville, who plant crops on their farm ville English Country setting and back to the original farm. This would have a farm ville English Country "active." Neighbors see a British flag icon in the image on the neighboring bar and will only be able to help on this farm.

Farmville, the English landscape map (Source: IGN)

Here are the main points Farmville English Country:

  • FVEC function as a second patio, with a brand new start, so no, you can not access your current memory.
  • It takes a lot of building materials in the initial FVEC start saving boxes special delivery!
  • FVEC will join an adventure story for you, some great rewards!
  • His progress in the plot can be seen on an interactive map in which to view / neighbors to help them in their missions.
  • FVEC crop will Able to master new trees, and animals.
  • FVEC will sheep that have evolved from a play we've experienced. You can create your own family tree and literally create tens of thousands or even millions of different species of sheep!

What do you think of monsters Farmville? We really want your feedback!

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8 thoughts on “FarmVille English Countryside: Working Hard on Two Farms, Neighbor Visitation & Other Key Points

  1. First off, the grammar of that report is TERRIBLE! I can barely understand what is being said.
    Second, why is only one farm able to be in active mode at a time? This does not make much sense to me.

  2. i playing farmville already two years and its my favorite game ever. I like that now i can have a two farms, but i really dont like, that if i go on english farm, in my home farm crops are not growing. i dont like that if you are in one farm, then second is stoped. i dont see why i need second farm, if one always are paused. i hope you do something about that, and in both farmill can grow crops and mature animals in the same time.

  3. When visiting my neighbours i’d like to have a simple button to choose between the ‘home’ farm and the english one. Sorry but this is obvious, many people i know are a bit disappointed too. For example i need to harvest some leprechaun’s cottages and since my friends have been working on the english farm i can’t. I don’t think it would require a big effort to create such buttons like the one we have on our main farm.

  4. i know you guys are exllecent at what you do so please work let us work both farms together at the same going back and forth to havest and play.

  5. My english countryside crops are not growing it has been two days since I planted barley it is suppose to take 12 hours. It is only 33% grown in two days.

  6. It means, English Farm is useless. Home Farm is paused, when we visit to english farm. we have to upgrade seeder, harvestor again.

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