FarmVille English Countryside Sheep Pen Preview

English Country Farmhouse fold vill

In a new version of English country Farmville Facebook Fan Page, we hear of Angus, the breeder of sheep.

Angus lets us know that although he is still young, is a veteran of farmers and sheep in terms of raising sheep in any color or pattern! Maybe we can be. Angus also lets us know that refugees in search of Ram in the English countryside.

Angus first introduced when we were one of their talented Polka dot sheep.

"I'm young, but I can sheep are raised in any color or pattern. Unfortunately, my ram away! If you see it in the English countryside to catch him!" Angus

Are you excited about the breeding of new species of sheep on the farm ville English?

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4 thoughts on “FarmVille English Countryside Sheep Pen Preview

  1. How do we breed and get the poka dot sheep, and how can you be sure not to get the spotted with different colors . Not just the star sheep but spotted with colors?

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