FarmVille English Countryside Quest 9: Drinking In History

Farmville drinking in history

In our history we have mastered the Level 1 jumps! The next mission is called "Drinking in recorded history, and challenges us to new Real hops harvest, and make the recipe Lionhead Ale 3 times!

Note that calls an attempt to "do" there are no recipes, it is counted only once and finished the recipe in his bar!

Farmville drinking history and Privacy Policy


  • 50 Harvest Hop Real
  • Ale Lionhead make the recipe 3 times

Farmville Drink In History Information

Once this mission is completed, you will receive exceptional value!


  • 500 XP
  • 1 Museum Farmville
  • Double Cup statue

This statue doubles championship will, when placed in your garden! Measured in the picture below, it shall plant trees and crafting!

Farmville Drinking completed in history

Are you excited about the missions, not all these new and get all these great prizes?

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  1. what to do after FarmVille English Countryside Quest 9: Drinking In History, quest 9…

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