FarmVille English Countryside Quest 7: A Growing Concern

Farmville is a growing concern

Henry can not get enough of the farm, now you have learned some useful tips!

Farmville is a growing concern and Privacy Policy

In this next mission as a "growing concern" known ", Henry says he wants to know and learn more to be absolutely sure that Lucy is impressed. In this quest is to show how Henry, a crop, how to work with neighbors and in fact Some agricultural cooperatives, and as most practical vehicle on the pattern of use of the farm – the party!


  • Reaches the level 1 domain bean
  • Amazing Aster Complete Work
  • Use the Combine 50 times

Farmville is a growing concern for information

After showing Henry the important things in his company, which no doubt deserves a good price.


  • 250 XP
  • 4. Pots
  • 5,000 coins Farm

To help neighboring farms work hard enough, you will be able to share a beautiful flower-pot with them when they announce to complete this mission.

Farmville is a growing concern reward

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