FarmVille English Countryside Quest 2: Let Us Entertain Ewe

Let us entertain Farmville sheep

Our story continues as we get to know another of our old friends in the English countryside!

Let us entertain Farmville sheep Notice

Now that we have agreed to bring the village fair, Angus (sheep) to assist us in our next mission, called "Let's entertain the sheep."


  • Third place on the farm lamb

Let us entertain Farmville sheep Information

After completing this quest is relatively simple decent awarded for their efforts.


  • 100 XP
  • 1 City Source
  • 2,500 coins Farm

Since you have placed three lambs on the farm, can announce that one of the Quest, as well as a few bottles of spare parts to share with their neighbors, while the growth of their lambs!

We entertain Farmville reward sheep

What do you think of the Let Us Entertain sheep Quest? Will you start preparing early this search?

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