FarmVille English Countryside: Problems with Potatoes!

Farmville Cara Potatoes

Cara potatoes Farmville Master Session

You may want to wait in the growth of your potato crop of Cara in the English countryside. Cara Potatoes are a unique plant that only the English country Farmville. They have the longest growth in the EC for two days.

Freak Farmville Julie us about a disorder that is experienced when growing potatoes Cara. Here's the deal. In the seeds of Farmville on the market called Cara potatoes. However, if you get a bushel of the same culture or open a post for additional bushel, bushel then the change of name to 'King Edward potatoes. "

Farmville Cara Potatoes

The inconsistency in names is followed by market stalls, sometimes invisible (or Face potato crop son Edward). You can see the shadow or gray circle placeholder for the position in the market, but that's all. Despite the problems with the display of the square is still usable.

Finally, if you succeed in this master Buggy harvest as Farmville Freak Julie, you may have trouble getting their crop Sign Masters experience. To add domain finally face his father harvest, it is also "invisible" in your garden.

Zynga has been notified of the decision, and no doubt working on a solution.

Thanks for the heads-up Farmville Freak Julie S.

Did you have problems with English Country Farmville potatoes?

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