FarmVille English Countryside On The Lamb Quest

The Lamb Farmville

The sixth Farmville English Country Quest Quest is called the Lamb. It comes just after getting sheep Quest. Angus Young, the sheep farmer once again host the search for the sheep theme, where to find a sheep farm and then climb to adulthood.

Of course, before reaching a lamb, you need to successfully reproduce a sheep and ram into their fold. Remember, using love potions that can help your chances in the production of a lamb for the increase in the percentage of successful breeding.

Farmville English countryside in the Notice Lamb Quest


  • 1. First, Ram and ewe breed and produce a lamb.
  • 2. Place lamb on the farm.
  • 3. Raise your an adult sheep by feeding 10 baby bottles.

At any time during the search, you have the option to buy their way out through the use of cash in the farm to prevent the Millennium.

English Farmville field of information Cordero Quest

After all your hard work to raise a lamb to be rewarded. You can also share the wealth with their neighbors Farmville, sharing one currency bonus agricultural and Facebook News Feed.


  • 250 XP
  • 1500 coins Farm
  • Golden sheep
  • Gertrudis sheep

Gertrude can be placed in his sheep pen for breeding of new possibilities. Exciting!

Farmville English countryside closed the Lamb Quest

What do you think of this search? Gertrude was the reward and effort worth it?

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